Support 10 thousand cities and towns disabled employment and Entrepreneurship

you are all of you have a very good business conditions, for those entrepreneurs who should be given more help on the policy, therefore, Gansu will support the employment of 10 thousand cities and towns disabled.

4 on Sept. 1, 2016 provincial government operations plenary meeting held in Lanzhou. This year, the province will support 10 thousand cities and towns in the employment of disabled people in rural areas to get rid of the disabled in rural areas to support the financial stability of the 10 thousand disabled students to learn, so that the province has more people with a sense of well-being of the disabled.

2016 will focus on the work of the province with disabilities do not worry about food, do not worry about clothes, compulsory education, basic medical care, housing, family life without obstacles such as the "two not to worry, five security underpinning short board, accelerating the process of well-off, let the disabled have more access to the sense of happiness.

practical technology and occupation skill training of 20 thousand disabled people in urban and rural areas, support 10 thousand people with employment ability and desire of urban disabled employment and entrepreneurship, accurate support 40 thousand has the ability to work for disabled people in rural areas out of poverty, funded 10 thousand students with disabilities stable schooling.

to support the implementation of the employment of the disabled entrepreneurial microfinance loan policy, strengthen the occupation education, skills training and employment assistance, employment unemployment registration and management services, the employment of the disabled held special recruitment, priority will meet the conditions of the disabled into the urban registered unemployed workers re employment, self employment and the transfer of rural labor employment skills training, do a good job Blind Massage training services, to ensure that there is at least one person in the family employment for the disabled people.

It is reported that

I, players in the game to calm, hard work, play well, among them, our province’s Guo Jianhui data processing project won the champion, won the honor for the vast numbers of people with disabilities.

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