How to manage the clerk

since hired employees, want to make these employees really play their role, naturally also need to do a good job in the management of the relevant staff. Heng Sheng Yuan light supermarket shop is located in Yunxiao County Pu Mei Zhen Bao Cheng Lu Yuan primary school southeast side, hisunny Trading Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive supermarket enterprises at the county level in Fujian province took the lead in introducing the "one-stop shopping". Heng Sheng supermarket light shop radiation surrounding 4 communities, nearly 2800 community residents, the car to the car to the consumer in an endless stream, flourishing business to let the manager of 2017 full of confidence and expectations.

how to stand out from a large number of supermarket chains, has become a certain radiation force, the influence of the modern terminal operators of modern cigarettes. The manager told his own management experience.

one, family management, keep good staff.

I have a supermarket for sixteen years, from the beginning of a mere more than and 20 square meters of miscellaneous snacks shop in the development of Yunxiao County has a total of five chain supermarkets pay a lot of hard work and sweat. At the beginning of my business, I was a busy shop, both the boss and when the clerk. Today, I hired four yuan light shop clerk in the cigarette sellers counter area. As the manager of this supermarket, I should be necessary for the management of the store clerk, otherwise the operation will be more benefit is lacking spirit of cooperation, is impossible.

although the clerk is my money to hire, but should not simply treat them as employees. I decided to implement the family management of my store clerk. Only in this way, the clerk will not simply look for your boss, and see you as a brother or sister, don’t put others as a shop clerk of the shop, but as their own shops, especially it was to serve every customer in when sellers.

two, institutionalized management, staff are convinced.

as the saying goes, the clerk is the lifeblood of the store, a good clerk will bring unexpected leap to the store business. Therefore, when in the recruitment of cigarette sales counters clerk, I broke the "cronyism" recruitment from the relatives of the children of the rules, I posted a job posting on the Internet, the outstanding merit. First of all, cigarette area counter clerk to pass a written examination, interview two off.

some people say that I am not a Big deal, is recruiting to sell tobacco person, need such a big fuss? I do not think so, the cigarette shop clerk’s cultural quality and personal accomplishment, related to the reputation of the store and the rise and fall, high-quality staff is very important to the shop. If a clerk is not good at computing, he can’t work more efficiently. If the quality of a clerk is not high, it can not be a good customer service. From the source will be good to fight, so as to recruit into the shop every one of the staff are excellent quality, convenient for future management.

three, effects >

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