Flesh of a donkey fire fast food shop to join the cost

is popular in the North China traditional snack items belonging to the flesh of a donkey fire, no matter what snack or burned flesh of a donkey flesh of a donkey pasta, anyway, a lot of local specialty food brands are not burning flesh of a donkey. Flesh of a donkey fire originated in Hebei of Baoding. Widely spread in the central Hebei Plain, after the development of the north and South factions. The flesh of a donkey with the old brine soup with crispy fire inside, as the food culture center in Hebei, Baoding, and Hebei in the flesh of a donkey catering to the center of the fire by the hard-working people of Hebei generations of continuous development and promotion, finally to the north and south is famous for burning flesh of a donkey. In the northern region can be seen everywhere burning flesh of a donkey high streets and back lanes shops, y integrated into the lives of local residents. Now is the well-known brand to join, then join the fast-food restaurant burned flesh of a donkey how much


fire fast food cost to join the flesh of a donkey

(a) join fee (teach a set of Technology) 2000 yuan.

(two) renovation fee of $6000 (interior decoration of 2000 yuan, facade decoration of 4000 yuan)

(three) equipment details: 5010 yuan

1, freezer 1200 yuan

2, tables and chairs 300 yuan each, the ten set of 3000 yuan

3, vegetable pier, kitchen knife 80 yuan / set

4, panel, surface stick 30 yuan / set

5, tableware 200 yuan

6, other miscellaneous 500 yuan

(four) start-up capital of $4000 (for documents, buy meat, noodles)

(five) rental. The difference is large, the actual price accounting

fast food restaurant to join the flesh of a donkey fire cost too much, more suitable for public entrepreneurship, so that franchisees are better able to make money, make money more secure, if you move, act quickly!

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