And the money is good to suffer

even if the store’s merchandise is good, the price is affordable, but all day and the customers were noisy, lost one after another customer, such a store I am afraid there is no way to adhere to the long-term. In fact, we do business also need to insist on one thing: Friendliness is conducive to business success. is a blessing. Of course, not just to do business, in daily life, but also need to keep in mind these.

my shop in addition to commodity is the books, so I read is in the care of the store apart, I most love to read a book is "complete" course of business life, he not only helps me through some daily business encounter troubles, find the interpretation of happiness password. But also for the depths of the soul into infinite courage and power. Bring me hope and love! I am both spiritually and materially more productive.

some people say that the world is easy to learn, is the most difficult to learn, therefore, the average person is not willing to suffer, however, the wise man is best at losing. To help people, and do not regret, unmoved either by gain or loss, good hearts, life will be full of endless beauty! Do not believe you try.

a few days ago, by bus. There is a young man is probably sent a friend and relatives on the train, carrying a lot of large and small things. They in order to get on the bus, not in accordance with the provisions of the bus before and after the car. After seeing the driver, he said loudly, "get on the front door." Then he slammed the back door. Give the lad is not completely back to the car, quickly close the door caught him to bare teeth.

saw him angrily came to the front door, the driver pointed to lambaste. The driver was a young man, although the wrong, but also refused to yield, two people up and down, across the empty words, language intolerable to the ear. Originally a small thing, and finally leaving part.

in fact, the service of the work, every day to face the other people do not understand, and sometimes even be greatly wronged. If you do not control their emotions, and customers often tit for tat, the loss is not just money, your personality will be greatly affected.

after my mother retired, she ran her own store. In my spare time, I often go to my mother’s house to help my mother do business. I have been trying to drum up customers with a calm attitude towards everyone, everything. Although sometimes encounter particularly picky customers, I can use enthusiasm to resolve conflicts. Endure temporary calm. Take a step as boundless as the sea and sky!" My mother often said to me, "loss is a blessing", loss and patience is not a bad thing, is a good thing, is for us to cultivate ford.


are doing business in that people need good temper, is because of the daily encounter a variety of customers, it is easy to occur between languages, if not control, caused a quarrel, which caused very bad > on the shop

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