College students in Wuhan can receive free capital grants

students all over the country now is a pushing economic measures in Hubei, Wuhan, now as long as the students can get a one-time business venture subsidies 5000 yuan, but also to some of the local college students entrepreneurship must.

"opinions" to strengthen the efforts to encourage college students’ employment. "Opinions" provisions, graduates of colleges and universities across the country, the founder of "the year of graduation in electronic business platform shop", as long as the industrial and commercial registration in Wuhan City, you can enjoy a one-time start-up subsidies 5000 yuan; since graduating from school year within 5 years of college students entrepreneurship, drive 2 (including me) employment, can enjoy a one-time start-up subsidies 5000 yuan; establishment of the outstanding college students entrepreneurship project grant funds to the ordinary college students or graduate within 5 years of Graduate Entrepreneurship Project founded enterprise or individual business in Wuhan city and obtain the business license, the review qualified to give 30 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan grant, the annual subsidy amount of 10 million yuan.

in Hubei Wuhan for some entrepreneurial college students entrepreneurship is not some subsidies issued a precedent, at the same time, Wuhan’s a practice that will attract more students to some entrepreneurs in Wuhan to carry out entrepreneurial activities.



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