500 yuan and a pair of scissors to walk the world struggling to cut out of ten million wealth

for pregnant mothers, laid-off news is nothing short of a disaster, in order to make a living, the mother pocket 500 yuan, holding a pair of scissors hair from basic start, took 5 years to finally achieve their wealth of life.

500 yuan run a hair salon

1999, Lei Changbi, head of Chongqing Road Transport Corporation, was laid off. In order to survive, she has placed a stall selling books, but also when the stevedores, but did not find the feeling. Later, like the dress she found the salon business is hot, then made a determination – this is what I want to find the ideal job.

to learn hairdressing technology, Lei Changbi hairdressing master stood for several days, finally touched the other to accept her the older disciples. Since then, she looked like a magic to study all kinds of hair technology, but also to the famous hair school in Beijing to study. In order to practice skills, she went to the house for free hair.

"passive employment entrepreneurship as"

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