Organic rice ten brands list – the whole

now people are more and more emphasis on organic products, the product line is also involved in a variety of, including organic rice is also the focus of attention of countless people. So, let’s make a brief introduction to the next ten organic rice brand list, so that people can have a better understanding of the organic rice market brand.

organic rice ten brands list NO.1, Indus:

Heilongjiang Taifeng foodstuff

Co. Ltd. is a state-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, director China food industry association. "Phoenix" brand of rice has been awarded the "organic food", "Chinese brand", "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "rice ten brand", "Chinese green food", "industry famous brand".

organic rice ten brands list NO.2, Su Ken:

Jiangsu province agriculture Group Co. Ltd. is the rice industry in Jiangsu Province, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jiangsu Province Food Industry Association Branch of the affiliated units of rice. "Su Ken" brand rice has been named "the first batch of China’s famous agricultural products in Jiangsu province", "China famous brand products", "Jiangsu famous brand", was licensed to use green food and organic food logo.

organic rice ten brands list NO.3, the Great Northern Wilderness:

Heilongjiang the Great Northern Wilderness Agribusiness Group Corporation is one of the 120 large enterprise groups in China, is a modern large enterprise groups and listed companies. "The Great Northern Wilderness" brand rice has been rated as "China famous trademark", "Chinese famous brand", "the most competitive brand", "industry leader", "national inspection free products" and so on.

organic rice ten brands list, NO.4 plate:


Jilin grain group rice Co. Ltd., Jilin grain group is a wholly owned subsidiary, is a state-owned company, enjoy various preferential policies of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. "Rice plate" brand series of rice has been rated as "Chinese brand", "National A-class green food", "Jilin famous brand", "Jilin province selling rice brand", "famous brand of Jilin province".

organic rice ten brands list NO.5, Fulinmen:

COFCO (Jiangxi) Co. Limited is currently the only China, Asia’s biggest parboiled rice processing plant, is a national agricultural industrialization key leading enterprises, leading enterprises in Jiangxi province. "Fortune" brand series of rice has passed ISO9001 international quality management standard and HACCP food safety management, health meter, green food is famous for its "China brand", "Jiangxi"

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