Xining will become a number of street landscape road

the level of a city’s green landscape, reflecting the city’s basic image and quality, to bring people comfort and happiness. This year the focus of Xining city in the Green Street quality improvement efforts on the current green landscape promotion work has been like a raging fire, in the street, community, square, people everywhere can see the figure of the workers to plant trees and grass.

tree tree messy, lack of plant, green belt replacement, seriously affected the city landscape image of our city. Just this year, a spring, garden workers unified more than and 80 street trees "barber". The trees and replanting work on a large scale, seen in the Bayi Road, Bridge Street, the Yellow River Road, Kunlun Road, Chaoyang Road, Jianguo Road, the street people, wearing a yellow frock garden workers were busy planting trees, plant more than five years old in the trees were planted in place, become the new pavement "Guardian"; the city’s many street green belt, also active garden workers, they are replanting shrubs, solve the problem with lack of green. At the same time, a winter let down a lot of trees on the dust, the workers carefully for street dust.

to beautify the street landscape, there are 2 million pots of flowers on the streets this year, brilliant purples and reds, is placed in the center square, people’s Park, South Plaza, Xinning Road, Bridge Street, East Street, Jianguo Road, South Gate street. At the same time, the city will also be in the core of the urban areas to create a green theme landscape, a well dressed beautiful Xining is coming. (author: small words)

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