Clean the automotive market operating environment of the Xining auto market

recently learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, a period of more than 3 months of the area has been the end of the automotive market special rectification work.

the regulation to regulate behavior, and banning unlicensed car brand sales beyond the scope of business, fight against counterfeit auto parts, clean Lane repair and other illegal acts as the key to further standardize the market order of automobile. In the renovation of Xining City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau law enforcement officers were deployed 1062 passengers, vehicles 269 times, to investigate unlicensed two households, 3 households, the scope of business selling fake car oil seal 3 households and sales of fake auto timing belt business households 5, trademark infringement 3 households, seized 646 car oil seal group 450, auto timing belt, automobile crankshaft 18, worth 104 thousand and 700 yuan, 120 thousand yuan fines.

through the rectification, purification of the automotive market in Xining operating environment, and effectively protect the interests of consumers, to further regulate and regulate the automotive market has played a positive role in promoting.


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