Fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemum Mid Autumn Festival

chrysanthemum, as a proud flower, has been favored. Some people praise its strong character, some people appreciate it Gao Jie temperament. September 14th, at the Xining wildlife park, the workers are working overtime, busy place chrysanthemum, they are ready to use fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemum to create a colorful flowers!

to the golden autumn chrysanthemum, according to the introduction, hosted by the Xining Forestry Bureau, the Xining wild animal park hosted the 2013 large-scale Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be opened in September 17th.

the golden Chrysanthemum Exhibition from September 17th to October 17th. Juzhan exhibited fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums are wild zoo in Xining to breed, a total of more than and 100 species. The fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums by breeding, sets of pots, pinching, bud bud thinning, dwarf treatment, water and fertilizer management techniques to successfully enter the flowering stage, the color is more bright flowers more, improve the ornamental chrysanthemum.

compared with the first year, this year more rich chrysanthemum varieties. Xining wild zoo to cultivate new varieties of "green" and "lion roar" is not only bright colors, but also the shape of the atmosphere, is the top of the chrysanthemum. (author: Zhang Pu)

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