Nanchuan to create Xining leisure slow Valley

Stroll in the beautiful riverside water park, boarded the ferris wheel overlooking the river, beautiful panoramic view…… In September 11th, itefcewc Nanchuan comprehensive development project to promote the meeting, a plan to let many customers feel the unique characteristics of the development potential of Nanchuan area. According to reports, compared with other area, the future will be "a different kind of Nanchuan fan", to the rapid development of the city brings a comfortable, create exclusive leisure "slow" valley.

the promotion conference, Nanchuan area investment is particularly sensitive". According to introduction introduces, in the overall positioning, planning area of Nanchuan as a life, considering the area of spirit, character, expression and area area area by hand, in the "inclusive integrity, pragmatic and innovative" spirit of the city of Xining by means of planning under the guidance of the fusion of landscape and city, dig the historical and cultural and pastoral resources, walk the road of differentiation. Through the "Feng Lin of Hehuang area, the" new "culture" theme, "theme exhibition, leisure", "slow" Valley "space theme Xianshanloushui, innovation ‘different’" and "bus priority," low carbon green "Sichuan" theme of the traffic characteristics of building belong to shape "Hehuang area, exhibition are unique personality and characteristics, reflect the geographical features, Nanchuan area plateau valley national characteristics and the characteristics of the times the pursuit of innovation culture and inclusive.


function in Nanchuan area will be in Nanchuan river landscape scenery axis as the link to financial services, exhibition economy, culture industry and tourism and leisure area services, pay attention to the culture, ecology, function and characteristics to improve the vitality of livable area and comprehensive service area. The key to build the financial business, the Summer Exhibition Center, National Cultural Industry Park and plateau tourism service base, through the development of strategies to drive the development of the real estate, tourism services, trade finance, culture, education and training and other industries, to improve city services, improve the quality of the city, in the city to create a rare "slow", a public yearning. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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