Xining Bureau of statistics to study and practice activities to achieve the five focus

held the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics, in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development staff mobilization mobilization meeting, Party members and cadres, actively participate in the study and practice activities, high standards and high quality completion of the various stages of the learning task, in the statistical work on innovation, the courage to break through, providing quality services for Xining economic statistics social development.

in the study and practice activities, the Statistics Bureau will focus on continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development, enhance the statistical capacity, for the construction of Xining has become more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau of modern central city to provide quality statistics service "the practice of the carrier, to the leadership and leading cadres to focus and focus on the cultivation of the party members and cadres of the scientific development of consciousness, focus on changing does not adapt, do not meet Scientific Outlook on Development’s ideas, efforts to improve the statistical work ability to promote the scientific development, deepening reform and opening up, promote social harmony, efforts to crack the influence and restrict the statistical service and development problems, efforts to solve the salient issues, efforts to build a system conducive to the development of statistical science. The Bureau’s study practice research, deepen the study of emancipating the mind big discussion, held a special democratic life, form analysis and inspection reports, formulate implementation of the rectification program, focused on six aspects to solve the problems of. Through solid learning, we can ensure the realization of the goal of improving the understanding, solving the outstanding problems, innovating the system and mechanism, and promoting the scientific development.


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