Two sections of the province’s abundant supply of goods and basic price stability


commerce system arrangements, by increasing the reserves of important commodities transport organizations, meat and vegetables, to carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, strengthen market monitoring and supervision and other effective measures, and strive to do a good job in 2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival market supply.

at present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, variety, price stability. It is understood that the Xining Wangfujing department store, department store and other 10 key cross circulation organization of nearly 600 million yuan of supply of goods, commodity varieties reached 30 thousand; the major supermarkets, and businesses to replenish the supply, increase rice, flour and oil market supply; Zhang Qinghai Xinyuan group meat dish company, animal products company every day to the market to provide cold meat and fresh pork for about 2000 head, Xining Roca, Qinghai Bay livestock products market and other enterprises can supply the market daily Yutai 3000 cattle and sheep (only); the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center for fruits and vegetables should be increased, the daily supply capacity has reached 1300 tons, hundreds of varieties. At the same time, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to increase efforts to increase vegetable transporting vegetables every day, the volume of 300 tons, 100 thousand tons of vegetables this winter and spring transportation plan (including 10 thousand tons of poultry). Golmud is also in the near future to increase the intensity of transport, the average daily transportation of vegetables, fruits and other more than and 100 tons from Dunhuang, Jiuquan and other regions.

in accordance with the relevant programs, the competent departments of Commerce to apply for the use of price control fund to accelerate the establishment of local reserves at the same level. This year, Xining City reserves of 40 thousand tons of vegetables, 2600 tons of meat; Haixizhou established meat reserves of 940 tons; Golmud City reserves 1000 tons of vegetables, 300 tons of pork, beef and mutton 300 tons; 140 tons of meat reserves in Haibei Prefecture; other counties to encourage and guide enterprises to increase the storage capacity of a proper meat business inventory. During the two sessions, Xining will set up 50 frozen beef and mutton points, plans to put meat reserves of 1400 tons, vegetable reserves of 15 thousand tons.

to take temporary price intervention policy, by increasing the direct efforts to set up cheap vegetable area, control of wholesale and retail and other measures to effectively stabilize commodity prices. Xining City, the establishment of cheap vegetable area in 10 supermarkets and 20 stores, the average daily for more than 15 kinds of vegetables, prices fall 10%; the establishment of parity egg bean products supply point 67 in the west, Kang Mo Street farmers market, the daily supply of 12.5 tons of beans and egg parity parity products 6.6 tons. Give full play to the role of local agricultural and sideline products parity shop demonstration, stable prices of major necessities. Actively organize promotions and discounts. In accordance with the relevant requirements, without intervention in the pricing of goods, without affecting the normal business activities of enterprises and operators by actively guide enterprises to carry out the discount Rangli activities, food and other daily necessities, moderately reduce the prices of related goods, give full play to the exemplary role of large circulation enterprises, to play a positive role in stabilizing prices.

further strengthen market monitoring and regulation. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, from January 28th to February 6th to start daily necessities monitoring system, and;

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