LeBron James to be on sideline during Ohio State game against Wisconsin

Lebron James of the Miami Heat gives a thumbs up before a 95-88 win against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida, June 20. Credit: Courtesy of MCTIn arguably its biggest game of the 2013 season to date, the Ohio State football team will hear from a fellow Ohioan and current NBA World Champion before its tilt with Wisconsin Saturday night.An OSU spokesman confirmed that Miami Heat forward LeBron James will be on the Buckeyes’ sideline during the game. The four-time NBA MVP will also address the team before kickoff according to media reports.James, a graduate of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary, is a longtime fan of OSU, even though he never went to the school. The NBA star even has his own locker inside the newly renovated locker rooms at The Jerome Schottenstein Center.OSU men’s basketball coach Thad Matta showed his own support for the Heat star, when the new facility was released to the media. OSU was the first team to wear Nike’s LeBron line of shoes as well as have their jerseys sponsored by him in 2007.“He’s done a lot of things in his time, but I think from a standpoint we always want to pay our respects to him for what he did for us in ’07 in terms of we were the first LeBron school,” Matta said Sept. 3. “I know he’s very proud of what he does for us.”Matta was not the only person to express his gratitude for arguably the biggest star in sports.“I feel sorry that our fans won’t rally around LeBron because of the way he did his things, because for us, he’s been unbelievable,” OSU athletic director Gene Smith said Sept. 3. “He’s always kept us at the top of his thoughts when he’s doing things.”OSU is scheduled to take on Wisconsin at 8 p.m. Saturday. read more

Bullies least likely to be depressed says study

first_img“Humans tend to try to establish a rank hierarchy. When you’re in high school, it’s a very limited arena in which you can establish your rank, and climbing the social ladder to be on top is one of the main ways… Bullying is a tool you can use to get there,” lead researcher Jennifer Wong, a professor of criminology, was quoted as saying by National Post.Researchers at Simon Fraser University surveyed a group of Vancouver high school students and got the results which oppose earlier assumptions about bullies. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Also, bullying is in the genes and not something learnt outside, the researchers said.“Most anti-bullying programmes try to change the behaviour of bullies… and they usually don’t work, That’s probably because the behaviour is biologically hard-wired, not learned,” Wong said.Wong and student Jun-Bin Koh surveyed 135 teenagers from a Vancouver high school. A standard questionnaire — asking things like how often they were “hit, kicked or shoved” — divided the students into the categories of bully, bystander, victim or victim-bully. Some of the differences were  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflixnot statistically significant, but bullies —“about 11 percent of the group” —came out on top on three main outcomes: they scored highest on self-esteem and social status and lowest on depression, said the study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.Wong recommended a rethinking of how schools tackle bullying, saying that merely punishing the perpetrators not only fails to work, but in some cases enhances their status.last_img read more

5yrold gets hit by cab sustains facial injuries

first_imgKolkata: A five-year-old boy sustained facial injury after an app cab hit him while he was returning from school on Darga Road near Park Circus Maidan. The driver was intercepted by police and taken in to custody. The cab was also seized.According to police, on Wednesday around 2:35 pm, Aditya Shetty was returning home from his school situated near Park Circus Don Bosco island along with his elder sister and mother. Their car was parked opposite school. The south-bound vehicles were given a green signal to go ahead. At the same time Shetty’s mother was moving towards the car with him and his elder sister. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeSuddenly her phone rang and she answered the call while moving towards the road from footpath.Just as she stepped on the road, an app cab coming from the side of Don Bosco island and moving towards Park Circus number 4 bridge hit Shetty.Though Shetty was the only one who was hit, his mother and sister also fell on road due to the impact. Seeing the incident, locals and other guardians gathered. The driver of the cab, Kailash Raut, immediately applied emergency break and stopped the vehicle. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedAccording to some locals, if driver did not stop, the girl would have run over as she was very close to the front wheel of the cab. Immediately, traffic sergeants posted took Shetty and others to a private hospital near Minto Park, where Shetty was admitted. According to the police, Shetty sustained facial injuries. Later Raut was detained. He and the cab were handed over to Beniapukur police station for further course of action.Sources informed that a case has been initiated against Raut for driving dangerously causing injury to public.last_img read more

Reliving memories through art

first_imgOpenings windows to their imaginings of a reality that is unconventional and far removed from everyday trials, a group of artist have up with an artshow .Titled ‘Tales of Yore’, the month-long exhibition has invited artists, sculptors and satirists including K G Subramanyan, Shanti Dave, Jogen Chowdhary, Manu Parekh, K S Radhakrishnan, Arpana Caur, Sanjay Bhattacharya, to name a few, and will go until February 28 Every work of art displayed is a passage its creator travels to tell a story, to make newer discoveries of visions gifted by time and its many paradigms. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfViewers can see the conflict between flawless time and the raw innocence of imagination which is best captured by the forever pursuits of quizzing minds that artists epitomise. One of the artist Sandeep Jingdung has tried to reflect the experiences of his birth place Assam through his art work. From its flora and fauna, childhood memories to his love for natural surroundings, he has tried to infuse everything on the canvas beautifully. On the other hand, K S Radhakrishnan with his sculptures attempts to give a reflection of history, memory loss and his deep engagement with the world. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveApart from nature and childhood memories, artists have also tried to depict different cultural aspects, imaginary characters and a lot more. Based on mythology, Jayasri Burman’s artworks have a lyrical quality, decorative designs and elements of folk idiom. Whereas, Arpana’s work are feminine in context. Female figures emerge as symbols of solidarity. Internationally acclaimed artist Jogen Chowdhury has also displayed his works in the exhibition. Based on the memories, thoughts, dream and his immediate environment, the work is the combination of satire and anger, and real with imaginary in a fine sensibility and technique used by him.last_img read more

Use of synthetic psychedelic linked to improvements in depression and anxiety

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Mar 19 2019Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered that use of the synthetic psychedelic 5-methocy-N,-N-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) appears to be associated with unintended improvements in self-reported depression and anxiety when given in a ceremonial group setting. 5-MeO-DMT is a psychedelic that is found in the venom of Bufo Alvarius toads, in a variety of plants species, and can be produced synthetically.In a survey of 362 adults, approximately 80 percent of respondents reported improvements in anxiety and depression after use. These improvements were related to more intense acute mystical effects during the 5-MeO-DMT experience, as well as increases in rating of the personal meaning and spiritual significance of the experience. Improvements were also related to stronger beliefs that the experience contributed to enduring well-being and life satisfaction. These results were published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.Related StoriesPerinatal depression screenings may overlook women having suicidal ideationPesticide exposure may increase risk of depression in adolescentsCPAP treatment for sleep apnea can improve depression symptomsOne of the unique properties of 5-MeO-DMT is the fast action and short duration of the psychedelic effects when compared to other psychedelics. “Research has shown that psychedelics given alongside psychotherapy help people with depression and anxiety. However, psychedelic sessions usually require 7 – 8 hours per session because psychedelics typically have a long duration of action,” says Alan K. Davis, Ph.D., a postdoctoral research fellow in the Behavioral Research Unit, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “Because 5-MeO-DMT is short-acting and lasts approximately 30-90 minutes, it could be much easier to use as an adjunct to therapy because current therapies usually involve a 60 – 90 minute session.”Last year, Davis published a study in Frontiers in Psychology that found that 5-MeO-DMT administered in a psychospiritual retreat setting produced comparable ratings of mystical experience as a high-dose psilocybin session in the laboratory setting. Another study by Davis that came out last year in The Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that 5-MeO-DMT had a safe profile of use and low risk for health and legal consequences.”It is important to examine the short- and long-term effects of 5-MeO-DMT, which may enhance mood in general or may be particularly mood enhancing for those individuals experiencing clinically significant negative mood,” says Davis. “Regardless, this research is in its infancy and further investigation is warranted in healthy volunteers.” Source:https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/newsroom/news-releases/fast-acting-psychedelic-associated-with-improvements-in-depressionanxietylast_img read more

Study One in five university students affected by problematic smartphone use

first_imgAlthough the effect of problematic smartphone use on grade point averages was relatively small, it’s worth noting that even a small negative impact could have a profound effect on an individual’s academic achievement and then on their employment opportunities in later life.”Professor Jon Grant, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago While students reporting problematic smartphone use tended be less sexually active than their peers (70.9% compared to 74%), the proportion of students reporting two or more sexual partners in the past 12 months was significantly higher among problem users: 37.4% of sexually-active problematic smartphone users compared with 27.2% sexually-active students who reported no problem use. The proportion with six or more sexual partners was more than double among sexually-active problematic smartphone users (6.8% compared to 3.0%).Related StoriesSobering up: In an alcohol-soaked nation, more seek booze-free social spacesUTHealth researchers investigate how to reduce stress-driven alcohol usePeople use executive control processes to ignore cues that signal something rewarding”Smartphones can help connect people and help people feel less isolated, and our findings suggest that they may act as an avenue for sexual contact, whether through sustained partnerships or more casual sex,” added Dr Sam Chamberlain, Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.The researchers found that alcohol misuse was significantly higher in those with problematic smartphone use compared to the control group. To assess this, the team used a scale known as the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test: a score of eight or above indicates harmful alcohol use. 33.3% of problematic smartphone users scored eight or above compared to 22.5% of other smartphone users. The researchers found no significant link with any other form of substance abuse or addiction.In terms of other mental health problems, the researchers found that problematic smartphone use was significantly associated with lower self-esteem, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, mirroring similar findings elsewhere.”It’s easy to think of problematic smartphone use as an addiction, but if it was that simple, we would expect it to be associated with a wide range of substance misuse problems, especially in such a large sample, but this does not seem to be the case,” added Dr Sam Chamberlain.”One possible explanation for these results is that people develop excessive smartphone use because of other mental health difficulties. For example, people who are socially isolated, those who experience depression or anxiety, or those who have attention problems (as in ADHD) may be more prone to excessive smartphone use, as well as to using alcohol. Smartphone use likely develops earlier in life – on average – than alcohol use problems and so it is unlikely that alcohol use itself leads to smartphone use.”While the sample size for this study was relative large, suggesting that the findings should be fairly robust, the researchers point out that as a cross-sectional study (one that takes a ‘snapshot’ at one particular time, rather than following people over a longer period), and so direction of causality cannot be established. In other words, the study cannot say that problematic smartphone use leads to mental health issues or vice versa.The researchers point out the effect sizes were also generally small, and that more research is needed into positive and negative effects of smartphone use and mental health, including how this changes over time. Source:University of Cambridge Reviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Jul 8 2019A survey of more than 3,400 university students in the USA has found that one in five respondents reported problematic smartphone use. Female students were more likely be affected and problematic smartphone use was associated with lower grade averages, mental health problems and higher numbers of sexual partners.Smartphones offer the potential of instant, round-the-clock access for making phone calls, playing games, gambling, chatting with friends, using messenger systems, accessing web services (e.g. websites, social networks and pornography), and searching for information. The number of users is rapidly increasing, with some estimates suggesting that there are now more than 2.7 billion users worldwide.While most people using smartphones find them a helpful and positive part of life, a minority of users develop excessive smartphone use, meaning that smartphone use has significant negative effects on how people function in life. Previous research has linked excessive smartphone use to mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and problems with self-esteem.A collaborative team of researchers from the University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, and the University of Minnesota, developed the Health and Addictive Behaviours Survey to assess mental health and well-being in a large sample of university students. They used the survey to investigate the impact of smartphone use on university students. Just over a third (3,425) of students invited to take the test responded. The results are published today in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.The self-report survey consisted of 156 questions. Based on their responses, the students were given a score ranging from 10 to 60, with a score of 32 and above being defined as problematic smartphone use. This definition was based on a threshold recommended previously in clinical validation studies using the scale. Typical characteristics of problematic use include: excessive use; trouble concentrating in class or at work due to smartphone use; feeling fretful or impatient without their smartphone; missing work due to smartphone use; and experiencing physical consequences of excessive use, such as light-headedness or blurred vision.The researchers found that one in five (20%) of respondents reported problematic smartphone use.Problematic smartphone use was greater among female rather than male students – 64% of problem users were female. Importantly, the researchers found a link between problematic smartphone use and lower grade point averages (academic achievement).last_img read more

US authorities reel in StarKist in canned tuna scandal

first_img Citation: US authorities reel in StarKist in canned tuna scandal (2018, October 18) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-10-authorities-reel-starkist-canned-tuna.html Explore further StarKist, whose mascot Charlie the Tuna has long been a fixture in American supermarkets, agreed to plead guilty and pay a fine of up to $100 million for conspiring with other companies to fix prices of canned tuna, the Justice Department announced Thursday.StarKist representatives engaged in discussions and meetings with other packaged seafood firms to manipulate prices from as early as November 2011 and as late as December 2013, according to a statement.”The conspiracy to fix prices on these household staples had direct effects on the pocketbooks of American consumers,” said US Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim. “All Americans have the right to the benefits of free and open competition—the best goods and services at a price free from collusion.”StarKist, which is owned by South Korean company Dongwon Industries, agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Its exact fine will be determined at a sentencing hearing.StarKist joined Bumble Bee Foods in pleading guilty in the scam. The Justice Department’s announced in May 2017 that it was fining Bumble Bee $25 million for its role in the conspiracy.A total of six charges have resulted from the crackdown so far, including some executives who propagated the scam, the agency said. Charlie the Tuna was netted by US authorities as part of a canned tuna price fixing conspiracy, as Korean-owned StarKist was fined up to $100 million © 2018 AFPcenter_img The US crackdown on price fixing has netted another big fish in canned tuna, the Justice Department announced Thursday. US fines Hitachi-LG disk drive firm for price fixing This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Bhaichara resonates in Muzaffarnagar Saharanpur

first_imgElections 2019 Muzaffarnagar SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENT April 05, 2019 COMMENTS Muzaffarnagar riots: 10 Muslim leaders chargesheeted by SIT RELATED Local industrialists feel that growth will be possible only in a peaceful society Bhaichara (brotherhood) has become a commonly used word in Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur, the two cities of Uttar Pradesh which witnessed communal polarisation after riots in 2013 and 2014. Things are fast changing in the area as “livelihood issues” have taken up centre-stage of social relations.SaharanpurNadeem Akhtar, the qazi of Saharanpur, claims that none except a few journalists remember the riots that hit Saharanpur five years ago. At least three people died, businesses such as wood carving and plywood manufacturing suffered loss worth crores of rupees and several were injured. The city was witnessing a major riot after 1985. “Ghettoisation has played a major role in widening the gap between Hindus and Muslims. It started after the partition and gathered momentum in the 1970s. We used to have Hindus in our immediate neighbourhood and vice versa. Fear is the reason for this ghettoisation,” said Akhtar, who played a vital role in bringing peace.Making peaceAkhtar said just 40 people out of the four lakh population in the city vitiated the atmosphere. “Fortunately, we have sensible people on each side. So it was easy to curb the riots within a day. It started at 8 am on July 25, 2014, and we could curb it with the help of elders in the society by 10.30 am. But the damage was done. A series of meetings and formal and informal talks helped us to maintain normalcy,” Akhtar added. “A riot is an eruption of a pending issue or a reason which the administration has been neglecting for long. In Saharanpur too, this was the situation,” Akhtar said, adding that the situation has changed.“Thousands of Hindus will vote for a Muslim candidate and hundreds of Muslims will vote for a Hindu candidate in this election,” Akhtar added.Gaurav Garg, BJP spokesperson of the Lok Sabha constituency, had a different view. He said polarisation is still there. “The Opposition parties cannot survive without polarising the electorate. They are scared of the support the BJP is getting from Muslim pockets. There is not a single booth in the city where we do not have committees,” Garg said.MuzaffarnagarIn Muzaffarnagar, the situation was more complex. More than 60 people died and one lakh people were displaced after the 2013 riots which divided the Jats and the Muslims. While the Jats belong to the farming community, the Muslims are small farmers or agriculture workers. “We had no other way than working at a Jat’s farm and they had no other way than employing Muslim agriculture workers. We used to coexist like brothers but it was the BJP which brought divisions among us. Now those things are a matter of past,” said Irfan, an agriculture worker in the area.The Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) claims that party leader Ajit Singh’s efforts brought peace in the region. “Out of the 10,000 people who got arrested during the riots, only 126 are in jail. Ajit Singh, despite losing in the 2014 elections, played the role of an elder statesman and ensured that cases were amicably settled out of court. He held hundreds of meetings with the affected parties,” said Anil Chaudhury Debathwa, a local RLD leader. Local industrialists too feel that growth will be possible only in a peaceful society. “The last five years have been bad for farmers, agriculture workers and small scale industries. I faced a loss of 50 per cent due to demonetisation and GST. People here are discussing such issues, not communal problems,” said AK Jain, who runs a small-scale sugar mill near Khiwai. Families of Muzaffarnagar victims to get Govt jobs: UP Govt Muzaffarnagar riots: SIT completes probe in 503 cases Bring Hindus back to Kairana in 15 days, BJP legislator to UP govt politics Published on ‘Muzaffarnagar is where the BJP’s run will come to an end’ SHARElast_img read more

Fruitful police work Melaka cops nab Guava the burglar

first_img Tags / Keywords: MELAKA: Diligent work by police in Melaka has proved fruitful with the arrest of a notorious burglar nicknamed Koyappalam (Tamil for guava) here.Melaka CID chief Asst Comm Mohd Nor Yhazid said Koyappalam and his accomplices caused misery to many newlyweds in Negri Sembilan and Melaka since the beginning of this year as he used to target families who were out of the house to attend weddings.The suspect’s name was not revealed as the case is still under investigation.”Crippling the burglary team was major success for Melaka police for this year. Koyapallam was the mastermind,” he said when contacted here on Friday (July 12). Related News Nation 02 May 2019 Melaka cops cripple illicit liquor ring with arrest of seven people He said it was not easy for the Melaka CID team led by Asst Supt A.Balan Annamalai to track the 40-year-old suspect.The Star was told that he had informers who kept track of Indian wedding ceremonies taking place at Tampin, Gemencheh in Negri Sembilan and Melaka.The informers would tell him when families of newlyweds leave their homes to attend dinner receptions after wedding rituals at temples.The gang would then strike at the empty houses and steal monetary wedding gifts and jewellery.It took two months of undercover work for Melaka police to detain Koyappalam, who left no clues after committing the burglaries.He said Koyappalam, a lorry driver, operated alone and is suspected in 30 break-ins involving losses of about RM900,000.On Thursday, Melaka police held a press conference announcing that eight men, suspected to be Koyapallam’s informants aged between 24 and 54 were detained in separate raids here over the past few days.They are being probed under Section 457 of the Penal Code for house-trespass or housebreaking, which provides for a sentence of up to five years and a fine upon conviction.center_img Melaka , burglary , Guava Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more