Western coal gas action to implement fast

Recently, the reporter from the key project West District supervision meeting was informed that this year, the west area of coal gas work smoothly, so far, 3 coal gas units have been demolished coal-fired boilers, the remaining few agreed to actively cooperate with the overall transformation, and signed a construction contract with Gas Co.

it is understood that the coal gas to increase publicity and guidance, continuously improve the public awareness of the use of clean energy, protect the environment and other aspects of great significance in the west area, play the masses, environmental protection supervisors patrol role, widely mobilize the masses to support and participate in coal gas remediation work, enhance the awareness of environmental protection, the formation of the whole society manage together for good atmosphere, to ensure the smooth progress of the work of coal to gas.  
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Two sections of the province’s abundant supply of goods and basic price stability


commerce system arrangements, by increasing the reserves of important commodities transport organizations, meat and vegetables, to carry out a series of activities to promote consumption, strengthen market monitoring and supervision and other effective measures, and strive to do a good job in 2014 New Year’s day, Spring Festival market supply.

at present, the province’s holiday market is fully prepared, adequate supply of goods, variety, price stability. It is understood that the Xining Wangfujing department store, department store and other 10 key cross circulation organization of nearly 600 million yuan of supply of goods, commodity varieties reached 30 thousand; the major supermarkets, and businesses to replenish the supply, increase rice, flour and oil market supply; Zhang Qinghai Xinyuan group meat dish company, animal products company every day to the market to provide cold meat and fresh pork for about 2000 head, Xining Roca, Qinghai Bay livestock products market and other enterprises can supply the market daily Yutai 3000 cattle and sheep (only); the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center for fruits and vegetables should be increased, the daily supply capacity has reached 1300 tons, hundreds of varieties. At the same time, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to increase efforts to increase vegetable transporting vegetables every day, the volume of 300 tons, 100 thousand tons of vegetables this winter and spring transportation plan (including 10 thousand tons of poultry). Golmud is also in the near future to increase the intensity of transport, the average daily transportation of vegetables, fruits and other more than and 100 tons from Dunhuang, Jiuquan and other regions. read more

This year there will be more than 58 thousand people holding a bowl

February 7th, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department learned that in 2014 the province’s new urban jobs will be in more than 58 thousand people, the office will be in employment, social security, personnel construction as the focus, to make contributions to the building of our province to improve people’s livelihood "upgrade".

it is understood that in 2014 the province’s 58 thousand new urban jobs, the registered urban unemployment rate of less than 3.8%, the transfer of agricultural and pastoral labor force of 1 million people, college graduates employment rate of more than 85%. Training around the provincial government on the adjustment of economic structure, urbanization, ecological protection and construction, reduce excess capacity and other major work arrangements, annual urban and rural two or three industry training 75 thousand people, a production training 60 thousand people, the implementation of employment of college graduates special training more than 5 thousand people, to enhance labor skills and employment quality. The social security system more perfect, basic pension, basic medical care, work injury insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance number reached 900 thousand people, 1 million 660 thousand people, 540 thousand people, 392 thousand and 100 people and 430 thousand people, residents of urban and rural social pension insurance rate reached 94%, some indicators continue to walk in the forefront of the country or the west. To promote the reform of the classification of public institutions, strengthen the examination open recruitment efforts; the inherent law of in-depth study of the wages of migrant workers began work, in conjunction with the relevant departments coordinated operations, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of labor; to strengthen self construction, promote the comprehensive and basic work to a new level. read more

Rural beauty drunk Xining village green work fully completed

2008, Xining City, the new rural construction of green village work is fully completed, more than ten thousand trees and flowers to effectively improve the rural ecological environment, enhance the level of village green landscape.

in 2008, with the north project of building a new socialist countryside county pilot project in Xining City, to carry out the work of rural village greening in Xining three counties and suburbs, focusing on the implementation of the 20 pilot village greening work, the construction of new rural village green completed. read more

Xining City West District focus on urging 41 units to transform coal-fired boilers

This year, Xining City West District focus on supervision of 41 companies and 40 units of 40.51 tons of steam boiler to complete the transformation of governance work, covering the area of natural gas pipeline network refused to remove coal-fired boiler and chimney of administrative compulsory removal, reduce dust pollution, increase the number of days of good air, allowing the general public to breathe fresh air. Recently, the west district air pollution control joint law enforcement brigade on the area of regular public bath, bath, bath and other 4 baths do not meet the environmental requirements of coal-fired boilers in accordance with the law, the implementation of the seizure of 4. (author: Su Jianping, Xi Tao) read more

Three years of Qinghai province fiscal year 54 million to optimize the layout of Xining Education

  Finance recently issued 17 million yuan of special funds to support Xining city of Huangchuan middle school, Xiao Quan primary school, twenty-first

school relocation and expansion project implementation.

it is understood that the primary and secondary schools and vocational schools in Xining have different levels of educational structure. Primary

lack of resources, the amount of school class is too large, the size of the existing primary school in Xining city layout and scale can not meet the needs of population growth read more

Xining City, the first colorful music season in Xining

this past weekend, the central square every day is good even some singing, the morning of October 20th, just 330 lovers walking from here to participate in happy walk hiking, turn to 20 pm and 21 PM, there are from Qinghai who sing good voice here, let the public feast. This is the city government sponsored by the District Committee and the district area in the city to celebrate the eighteen autumn winter tourism activities, it is not only for the public to send a wonderful cultural feast, but also let Xining in autumn and winter because of its beautiful vivid. read more

WeChat bargain free cell phone Flicker!

Please forward, I can get a free iPhone6S." Recently, similar to WeChat bargain to win iphone6S news was forwarded by a lot of WeChat users. As long as the move a finger, inviting WeChat friends bargain, there is a chance to get a free iphone6S. The sky will really fall pie?

This year 17 thousand and 700 students will be charged

this year, the province’s employment of college graduates overall stability, but the task is still arduous. In order to further accelerate the employment of Vocational and technical secondary school graduates, the provincial government recently launched the implementation of the employment of unemployed college graduates employment training project". June 21st, the reporter interviewed the provincial human resources and social security department director Yang Yi, to carry out special employment training project conducted in-depth interviews. read more

Qinghai airport continued construction of new projects in full bloom


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Qinghai Airport Co., against all odds, comprehensive opened at top speed, the province regional airport construction projects, to ensure that the Guoluo airport in July to invest 270 million yuan to complete the navigation; Golmud Airport flight and terminal building, Qilian Airport invest 420 million yuan to complete the flight main body area and terminal area engineering; reply as soon as possible, Xining airport three and the Qinghai Lake airport project, at the same time to carry out Jigzhi airport site work. read more

Xining police launched the summer camp, scholarly scholarly activities

January 5th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out scholarly and scholarly summer camp of the whole police reading activities ceremony, advocating the activities in the city of Xining public security organs.

it is understood that the "scholarly xiadou" national reading activities, is an important deployment to Xining municipal government. "Summer camp, scholarly scholarly activities is carried out through in-depth study and learning activities, and actively create a good reading, read good books, good reading" police learning atmosphere, promoting the construction of learning oriented, innovative and service-oriented, harmonious public security organs, to read books to better serve the excellent achievements in social and economic in Xining regional development. read more

The province’s urban and rural housing security work smoothly

this year, our province according to the "on 2016 ten people’s livelihood division of practical work and tasks of the notice", vigorously promote the shantytowns of monetized resettlement, accelerate the old residential district comprehensive improvement, orderly transfer of agricultural population of people, encourage the purchase of migrant farmers and herdsmen settled, making farmers enjoy the same housing security and shed urban and rural housing security policy, to promote the smooth. read more

This year, Xining will use seven indicators to plan rural health work

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, this year, Xining will use seven indicators to plan rural health work.

This is a

seven indicators continue to consolidate and expand the rural comprehensive reform achievements, the city’s more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid coverage rate of 100%, to the great beauty of Qinghai health project annual work; two is to actively carry out the employment system, rural doctors contracted services and township hospital service team councilbase as the main content of the close type of rural integrated management work, management rate of 90%; the three is to increase the rural health personnel training, annual training tasks of township hospitals, village health room health personnel to complete the rate reached 100%; four are in the district (county) as the unit to continue to carry out two levels of rural health workers skills competition, the two levels of rural health personnel participation rate of more than 95%; the five is the implementation of performance management, performance appraisal management of rural two implementation rate of 100%; six is the basic public health service Project implementation rate of 100%; the second is to strengthen the rural medical and health institutions to promote the construction of information technology, rural medical and health institutions in the use of information systems reached 100%, 80%. (author: Li Xin)
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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the large and medium supermarkets gradually set

to enhance the shelf life of food on the circulation near the management, prevent near the shelf life of food after recovery through non normal channels into the market, the implementation of Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau set near the shelf life of food sales area in some supermarkets". February 16th, the organization of the four districts and counties of food regulators in the State Department Store held on the scene, near the shelf life of food sales experience exchange meeting in the city to promote the work of the exchange of the three.

in Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau requirements of the large and medium-sized supermarkets set up near the shelf life of food, the area near the shelf life of food put together, are clearly marked, unified discount sales. And require major supermarkets every day near the shelf life of food sales within the area of a piece of food inspection, the sale of unsold food, immediately stop the sale, destruction of the shelf.

by setting the "near the shelf life of food sales area, can let the consumer understand what food is approaching the shelf life, let the consumer as clear as noonday consumption. Through discounts and other forms of sales near the shelf life of food, supermarkets and manufacturers reduce economic losses, played a positive role in preventing expired food by changing the date or after processing it back into circulation problems occurred.
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Xining municipal Party committee efforts to crack the problem and pay close attention to poverty all

The spirit of the important speech to carry out in-depth study the provincial poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference recently, the Xining municipal Party committee issued the "Notice of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on poverty alleviation and development work to seriously study the provincial television and telephone conference" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice").

"notice" requirements, one must understand the spirit of the speech, grasp the essence of poverty alleviation. Party committees (party) to study the poverty alleviation work meeting, the provincial poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference spirit as an important political task of the current and the need to work, to learn the spirit of the speech of the leader and implement the spirit of the provincial Party committee twelve plenary session of the nine provincial poverty relief and development work leading group meeting together, together with the specific work to promote the city’s poverty alleviation, practical thinking and action with the central and provincial deployment requirements, and promote the region, the Department of studying and carrying out the work.

two to focus on solving problems, pay close attention to poverty alleviation work. Through learning, to fully understand the importance of winning poverty and arduous, analyze the contradiction and study the problems faced by Xining City, around the "who support" and "who support", "how to help, how to return" and other major issues, to further improve the "two lines around a precise identification, further because of the person, helping to carry out further easily poverty relocation, further efforts concentrated special difficult areas of poverty alleviation and development, to further improve the institutional mechanisms, and further enhance the poverty reduction target endogenous power, further play a good role to further strengthen the poverty alleviation work team, eight major initiatives to further" organizational leadership ", identify the path, clear direction, mining the advantages, padded short board, to win the battle of poverty as a top priority, focus on the implementation of the development and production of migrant workers, Ecological compensation, return on assets, easily relocated, education and training, social security, serious illness relief "a group of eight" poverty alleviation project, improve and perfect the system of poverty alleviation mechanism, and promote accurate poverty, poverty precision work.

three to change the style, strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres. Party committees at all levels (party) to communicate in a timely manner to promote a distinctive, effective front-line work. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department research and development of the first Secretary of the management regulations, further strengthen the work force, strengthen education and training, ineffective implementation of the work of the recall". Three county Party Secretary to implement poverty alleviation and development work responsibility, strengthen management and guidance, promote the integration of development teams and the village committee team work, the formation of the overall force. The dispatched units to carry out the work of cadres to carry out a look back, there is a problem as soon as possible rectification.   read more

The province’s first district college students entrepreneurship incubator center officially run

after running for several months, by the Xining City West District government invested 17 million yuan to build the college business incubator center in June 18th officially running, 27 students of the first incubation companies will receive three years of "incubator" here, until the wings". This is the first of the five provinces and autonomous regions in Northwest China to invest in the construction of the center of entrepreneurship incubator.

in order to solve the problem encountered in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship Incubator Center West District of Xining city at the end of December 2012 completed a total area of 1170 square meters, can accommodate 30 enterprises incubator. In order to create a brand incubator, to better hatch into the incubation enterprise, the west district government set up a leading group of university students pioneering work, the introduction of the implementation of entrepreneurship incubator and entrepreneurial fund management approach. The center of "achievements entrepreneurial ideal, to witness the growth of" for the purpose of a management service area, business incubator area, information exchange, management department, business department, finance department expert consultation and training of Human Resources Department of the three district four service platform. Settled, the company can enjoy the rent subsidies, subsidies, job subsidies, social security subsidies, tax relief, small loan guarantees and other financial incentives and other preferential policies. read more

Qinghai’s first trip in Central Europe next month

In order to strengthen

and Belt and Road Initiative along the country’s cooperation and exchanges, to further expand the pace of opening up, after actively preparing for the provincial commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine, China Railway Container Companies and other departments in our province, the first trip to central trains will be officially started in September 8th, nearly 50 containers of carpet and organic wolfberry through the course of 12 days will arrive in the European market. The opening of the central European class, which means that the pace of opening up Qinghai has taken a big step forward. read more

The province’s rural drinking water safety consolidation to enhance the construction of the national

, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission learned through communication and coordination, recently our province has implemented national central budget subsidies to invest 80 million yuan for rural drinking water safety in the province in 2016 to strengthen the promotion of engineering construction, focusing on the standard is low, the small scale has been modified and built water supply engineering support, upgrades, and networking water conservation and water quality protection etc.. read more

Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao to carry out in-depth investigation of Dundian

In September 18th, 19, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaolai to the North East Tibetan village of village of Datong County to carry out the new moon, "sparrow" months of investigation. City leaders Zhang Yonghai, Song Chenxi together research.

East ditch village is a minority village, 113 households, 453 people, among them, the poverty population of 135 people, accounting for about 30%. Wang Xiaoyi village walk home, one by one visit to poor families, farmers at home, in the fields, a detailed understanding of production and life, economic source, income situation and problems, difficult idea has 3 requirements; and the poor masses, party representatives, county and village cadres and villagers’ representatives held a forum to convey the general secretary Xi Jinping and the party the central concern of the poverty alleviation work and deployment with the language of the masses, and provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining convey work initiatives, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses of cadres, to encourage poor people to enhance the confidence of getting rid of poverty, poverty alleviation work to emphasize the "head" and "get to" find, hold to "ideas", help to "heart", poverty alleviation.

months of research to stimulate the cadres and masses of poverty confidence and enthusiasm. "Wang Xiao, Secretary of the months of research, make me both happy and moved, and full of shame and pressure." 26 years of grassroots work in the new North Tibetan township party secretary Liu Yongjun heart mixed with the taste of Chen, said that the future will go to the grassroots level, truly understand the suffering of the masses, down to earth to do a good job. The villagers have thanked the party’s policies and concerns, the future is full of hope, willing to lead the party organization, with their own hands to change the face of the village, and jointly create a happy life.   read more