Connecting Environmental Protection and the Rule of Law

first_imgOn the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, 35 human rights groups and WRI call on the presidential candidates to reaffirm the fundamental legal framework that makes environmental protection possible.Constitution Day is Wednesday, September 17th. 221 years after the document’s ratification, the Constitution continues to provide the framework for one of the world’s most stable and robust republic and democracy.In honor of this day, an ideologically diverse coalition calls upon all presidential candidates to demonstrate their commitment and ability to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” (Read the | text = full media advisory.)Presidents and the Executive Branch exercise a great deal of discretion and flexibility in interpreting the Constitution. It is therefore essential that the presidential candidates, with the media’s help, hold a national dialogue on the Constitution. This would allow the American people to cast an informed vote by understanding where they stand on constitutional issues.Why would an environmental think tank like WRI be so concerned about where candidates stand on constitutional issues?The Constitutional framework is essential to environmental protection, because it establishes the legal principles, check and balances, and enforcement mechanisms that make regulations work. The next administration must therefore respect the Constitution and the legal foundation it provides.In recent years, presidents of both parties have aimed to expand the scope of their authority through abuses of executive power. These practices not only weaken essential environmental laws and regulations, they are unconstitutional.For example:Our scientists’ recommendations for ozone standards were overridden by an Executive Branch supporting laxer regulations. The President made a last minute intervention in the regulatory process to overturn recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency’s expert advisory panel which had been approved by the Administrator. Later, when asked by Congress to justify this action in the course of a subpoena, the Executive Branch withheld about 25 percent of the inter-agency communications which could have shed light on this intervention.The legal protections given to us by Congress over nuclear waste management were disregarded by the President through signing statements. In the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Congress established whistleblower protections for members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Energy and federal contractors who would report safety violations in nuclear waste management. Yet President Bush declared in a signing statement that “the president or his appointees will determine whether employees of the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission can give information to Congress.”The people were left out of the design of their own national health or energy plan. The Clinton Health Care task force and the Cheney Energy Task force conducted their operations behind closed doors, resisting both participation from a wide base of informed stakeholders and judicial proceedings to retrieve the information kept secret about the content and participants of the meetings.When the rule of law fades, our environment deteriorates along with the American people’s health and security. The Bush administration’s abuses of executive power in particular are unprecedented in number and scope and have been exposed and denounced by groups and individuals across the political spectrum. Do they now constitute a precedent for the next President to follow? This question must be answered by the presidential candidates. We need to find out how the candidates would exert their executive authority as President before the election rather than learning it the hard way.We want all campaigns to let the American people know where they stand on such core principles as checks and balances in government, government oversight by Congress, and transparency of information. WRI supports this call, along with the following organizations:America SpeaksAmerican Booksellers Foundation for Free ExpressionAmerican Conservative Defense AllianceAmerican Freedom AgendaAmerican Freedom CampaignBill of Rights Defense CommitteeCalifornians AwareCenter for American Progress Action FundCenter for Constitutional RightsCommon CauseDefending Dissent FoundationElectronic Frontier FoundationEqual Justice SocietyGet FISA RightGovernment Accountability ProjectHuman Rights WatchInternational Association of Whistleblowers (IAW)Liberty CoalitionMinnesota Coalition on Government InformationMuslim AdvocatesNational Campaign to Restore Civil RightsNational Coalition of Organized WomenNational Lawyers GuildNo FEAR CoalitionOMB WatchOpen The Government CoalitionOSC WatchPrivacy LivesProject on Government OversightPublic CitizenRepublican Liberty CaucusScientific Integrity Program of the Union of Concerned ScientistsThe Brennan Center for JusticeThe Rutherford InstituteTranspartisan CenterWhistleblowers USAWorld Resources Institutelast_img read more

New Guide Boosts Business Case for Valuing Ecosystem Services

first_imgAlmost all financial institutions are now concerned with this issue…A healthy environment is the foundation for a strong and sustainable economy. A key challenge for us is to manage the competing human demands [on resources] without undermining crucial ecosystem functions.”— Kyung-Ah Park, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs’ Center for Environmental Markets Kyung-Ah Park, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs’ Center for Environmental Markets, used her keynote address to underscore the guide’s relevance for business in a world of depleting resources. “Almost all financial institutions are now concerned with this issue,” she said. “A healthy environment is the foundation for a strong and sustainable economy. A key challenge for us is to manage the competing human demands [on resources] without undermining crucial ecosystem functions.”WRI, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and WBCSD have already collaborated to road test the guide with 14 companies. Representatives of these companies were on hand at Tuesday’s event to discuss their experiences.“Our mission is to be the most respected company in our sector,” Erica Guerra said of her company Holcim, whose Corporate Ecosystem Valuation road test examined the restoration of wetlands in the United Kingdom. “Our approach is not to be philanthropic, we don’t want to just write a check. We want to engage with the communities we operate in.” Holcim’s project achieved 1.4 million pounds in benefits to the company and the local community.Representatives from some of the 14 road testing companies discussed their experiences with the Guide at Tuesday’s event. Photo credit: Kathy Doucette, WRI Representatives from over 60 organizations convened at the World Resources Institute on May 3 for the launch of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation.The Guide was motivated in part by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’s conclusions that over half the benefits we receive from intact ecosystems have been lost or degraded over a 50 year period. It builds on WRI’s and WBCSD’s Corporate Ecosystem Services Review, a method that helps business managers develop strategies that address new risks and opportunities resulting from the acceleration of ecosystem change.Janet Ranganathan, WRI’s Vice President for Science and Research, opened the event by giving examples of how ecosystems services and economic development are intimately entwined. “A new highway, or a new mine doesn’t just impact the environment, it also impacts local ecosystems services such as freshwater, which in turn can impact business.” Looking at their operations in this holistic way, and placing a value on such ecosystems services, can help companies improve decision making, she added.Failure to properly recognize and manage ecosystem services costs corporations billions of dollars annually in lost natural capital, according to WBCSD’s James Griffiths. He touted the new Guide, which provides a framework for valuing ecosystem services, as a tool for businesses to strengthen their performance. “The Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) is a way we’re hoping companies get it right,” he said. “Economic growth that delivers on the social agenda and is based on ecological values. This is about leveraging the tremendous value of ecosystems.”center_img Mark Weick of Dow emphasized the Guide’s benefit to a company’s bottom line. “[Dow uses] a lot of energy, something like a medium-sized OPEC member. So we’ve been very interested in energy efficiency. But we recognized that we weren’t being efficient with our ecosystem services. We’re making sure we can value ecosystem services properly, not only today, but in the future.That understanding of a business’s impact reflects the guiding concept of the Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation: businesses both depend on and affect the ecosystems in which they operate.Mary Beth West of the International Union for Conservation of Nature said that while the CEV provides an important framework for businesses to leverage the value of ecosystems, it must be used in conjunction with other tools, some of which are not yet fully developed. Event participants emphasized the need for collaboration among businesses, NGOs, and stakeholders in order to enhance the feasibility of ecosystem valuation.“We’ll take a blend of the existing tools that are out there,” Weick said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to learn what is helpful and what is not helpful. We want to engage very strongly in a dialogue by publishing what we’re doing.”Also looking to the future, Jody Strickland of Weyerhaeuser said that it will be critically important to “link ecosystem value processes to conventional financial accounting…so we can determine how much value an ecosystem can generate and balance the trade-offs.”The Guide to Corporate Ecosystems Valuation is a companion report to the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review, published by WRI, WBCSD and the Meridian Institute, which provides guidelines on business risks and opportunities arising from ecosystem change.last_img read more

Andrew Steer Answers 4 Key Questions on the Brazil Mayors’ Summit

first_imgThis blog post was originally published for TheCityFix on September 9, 2015.Andrew Steer, WRI’s President and CEO, is in Brazil for the Mayor’s Summit and Congress this week. Here he answers four questions about the event and his expectations for it.1.  More than half of world’s population now lives in cities, where emission levels and stress rates are the highest. What can city leaders do today to mitigate climate change?Andrew: Any solution to global climate change must put cities at its core. Cities today produce 75 percent of the world’s carbon pollution. But they are also centers of economic activity, innovation and creativity.City leaders can do many things to drive down carbon emissions. Fortunately, these actions are also just good ideas to improve city design and efficiency.First, cities need to measure their carbon greenhouse gas emissions every year. They need to have a plan to reduce their carbon emissions and they need to have a clear set of actions that would help to reach their target. They need to publish their results each year, allowing the public to know if they are making progress.They can immediately put in place new building codes, and immediately start switching from private, car-based transportation to public-based transportation. Then, they will very quickly look again at their energy mix. They will start to demand more renewable energy, shifting away from fossil fuel energy that leads to air pollution and causes health problems that drain productivity.City leaders can start today. And many mayors are doing just that.2.  Most developing countries, including Brazil, face difficulties in bringing people, municipal managers and other stakeholders together to work for a better urban future. What do you believe is the first and most important step to break down these barriers to positive urban change? Why?Andrew:  It seems to me that the starting point is to ask citizens: Are you happy with the way that life and the economy of the city work? Are you happy with the fact that we lose productivity due to congestion, and more income is lost to air pollution, which also makes people less healthy? Are you happy that it takes people two, three or more hours to get to work and that this eats away at income?The former Mayor of Curitiba Jaime Lerner has said that if you can set a clear vision of where you want to go, are able to communicate with your citizens and have a decent ability to implement your actions, you can change a city’s direction in the political lifetime of a mayor.3.  WRI’s long-term goal has been to turn ideas into action for a more sustainable world. To this end, what are the main goals and opportunities for WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities?Andrew: WRI’s focus on sustainable cities draws on the foundation of its urban mobility program, EMBARQ. For more than a dozen years, WRI has had staff on the ground in cities in Mexico, Turkey and Brazil, and we have worked with city leaders for success. EMBARQ has been a creative force for clean and healthier transport options, like the bus rapid transit systems that now operate in more than 160 cities.Recognizing that cities are the heart of today’s sustainability challenges, we are building on our mobility work to look at entire cities. This includes looking at urban form and land use planning and understanding the connections between fiscal policy and governments at the local and national levels. We also have improve water and energy systems. We understand that in order to create sustainable cities of the future, we need to look at cities in a holistic way.That’s what WRI Ross Center aims to do. We want to build upon the deep expertise we have in transport and the growing understanding of urban design to help city officials create cities that are better for people. We want cities that are compact, connected and efficient. We are identifying new approaches and then we are working with local partners — in government, the private sector and civil society — to bring urban solutions to scale.4.  The Mayors Summit and the Cities & Transport International Congress will gather public managers, decision-makers, technicians and NGOs to discuss ways to turn ideas into action. What are your expectations of these events?Andrew: Brazil brings together all of the opportunities and challenges of urban development. Yes, you can have urban poverty and unrest. But you also find the vibrant hubs of creativity and innovation and vision. The Mayors Summit and Congress will bring together city leaders and officials to explore the ideas that are at the heart of sustainable urbanization. We will engage in vigorous discussion, uncover new ideas, as we bring together many of today’s top urban thinkers in Brazil and around the world.These events also offer an opportunity to highlight the tremendous contributions of EMBARQ Brasil, which has become one of the most recognized and respected actors in urban mobility in the country and beyond. Over the past decade, EMBARQ has embraced the challenge of urban mobility and now, combined with our staff in WRI Brasil, this organization is looking to take the next step to tackle sustainable cities. Our Brazilian team has done the hard work in organizing the Summit and Congress. I’m just happy to play a small part in what will be an extraordinary few days focused on creating sustainable cities.Watch the livestream of the Mayors’ Summit here.last_img read more

Camouflage caps a great move

first_imgAs Team India heads closer to the ICC World Cup this summer, one thing is for sure, team bonding and team spirit is at an all-time high.Forget for a moment the loss to Australia in the third ODI on Friday, scenes from before the match caught the eye. As honorary Lieutenant Colonel MS Dhoni presented the camouflage caps to skipper Virat Kohli and other teammates, scenes one saw were incredible.As an honorary officer in the Territorial Army, Dhoni has taken his role quite seriously. Perhaps, he has been one of the best brand ambassadors for the Territorial Army and his plan to make the team wear a different cap was a huge hit.The sight of Dhoni presenting a different cap, designed apparently by the clothes sponsor of the team, looked good. When one talks of playing from the heart and doing it for the country, this move to sport a different cap could well be seen as an exercise in stressing the importance of building camaraderie.One could well argue there has never been any dearth of camaraderie in this Indian side, but in times like these, when we like to wear patriotism on our sleeves, Team India has paid the right respect which the Pulwama victims deserve. Before this, the team had also worn black armbands during a T20 match against Australia.For the few critics questioning the motive or rationale behind the camouflage caps, be sure this had the approval from the guardian of the game – the International Cricket Council, with no objection raised by match referee Ranjan Madugalle.advertisementOne is not sure whether it was the camouflage cap effect or a signal that Virat Kohli needed to be on attack mode, his 41st ODI century against the Aussies again had cricket fans in raptures.The more one watches Kohli score centuries these days, which is so frequent, you could be sure cricket statisticians are having a busy time. Given his rich vein of form and penchant for playing briskly, comparisons with the previous legend, who people also called the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, have become a must.In each sport, the definition of “greatest” has been an intense debate. If you take football, Pele vs Maradona was a pet topic for the old-timers. For this generation of football fans, which are in billions around the globe, the ultimate hero need not be Pele or Maradona but a Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.If you take tennis, ‘who is the greatest’ becomes an intense debate around the time of the four Grand Slams each year. To compare artists from the wooden racquet age to modern athletes who wield the graphite racquet would be incorrect. Someone like Rod Laver, who himself is a Roger Federer fan, was at one time the greatest.Till 2000 or so, Pete Sampras was the greatest. With Federer taking over tennis and then Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic also winning big titles, the debate has been stirred again. More so, as Djokovic has returned to form in a big way and has been described by pundits as someone who can break even Federer’s record.Back to Kohli, even though he plays in a team sport, his contribution with the bat has been nothing short of magic. Whatever be the conditions and wherever be the venue around the globe, his batting has been like a monk in meditation. Nothing can disturb him other than perhaps an own error on his batting.There is no doubting since the time the Pulwama terror attack took place on February 14 and 40 lives were lost, it has churned the collective consciousness of the whole nation. What followed was even more disturbing when Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistan before being released.Incidents like these definitely affect the common man. Lovers of sport definitely forget their woes for a few hours when they watch Kohli hammer hundreds. The grammar of his batting has become a topic of debate even for the wizards like Shane Warne.Warne has said on social media that it will take him time to decide on the best batsman, though personally for him Don Bradman would be a first choice.Irrespective of the greatest tag and when Kohli scores his 50th ODI ton, what remains important is the Indian captain is fit as a fiddle. As someone who pays huge importance to fitness and diet, his running between the wickets has been exemplary.If there is one area where Kohli continues to learn from Dhoni, it’s in leadership skills and cricket acumen. Surely, the camouflage cap will contribute even at a later date when India face Pakistan in the World Cup.advertisementlast_img read more

IPL 2019: Steve Smith arrives in Rajasthan, Warner joins Sunrisers Hyderabad camp

first_imgFormer Australia captain Steve Smith joined the Rajasthan Royals preparatory camp as he touched down in Jaipur on Sunday ahead of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 starting March 23.Smith’s Australia teammate David Warner, meanwhile, joined the Sunrisers Hyderabad camp late evening on Saturday. Both Smith and Warner had met with the Australian senior national team in Dubai before arriving in India.The duo, serving ball-tampering ban, were received with a warm welcome by their Australian teammates, who are gearing up for an ODI series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates.Notably, Smith and Warner had missed IPL 2018 which was held months after duo were handed one-year suspension for their involvement in the infamous ball-tampering scandal in South Africa last year. Smith and Warner will be free to play for their respective IPL franchises from the first week even as their ban expire on March 30.Smith greeted the Royals’ fans in a video message posted by the IPL franchise. “Great to be back here in Jaipur with the Royals family, and I can’t wait for this year’s edition of the IPL to start,” Smith said.Great to be back with the @rajasthanroyals here in Jaipur. Very excited for this years IPL Smith (@stevesmith49) March 17, 2019.@davidwarner31 is back and we know you can’t wait to see him! #OrangeArmy , how many Retweets for his first picture this season? #ReturnOfTheRiser Hyderabad (@SunRisers) March 16, 2019Former Royals’ captain and brand ambassador, Shane Warne has said Smith’s hunger to get back to his best will only benefit the former champions.”Having Smith’s experience around and his hunger and passion as the only cricket that is before World Cup, will be a big thing for him. I have no doubt that Smith and Warner will get back to their best as they were before,” Warne had told The Press Trust of India.Love playing in India: SmithBoth Warner and Smith had suffered elbow injuries during their Bangladesh Premeir League stints earlier this year but the duo is confident of getting fit in time for IPL 2019.”I love playing in India. The IPL’s a terrific tournament and the elbow is tracking really well. I’ve been batting for the last two weeks and (am) able to play all shots, got my power back, so I am tracking really well and I’m just excited to play again,” Smith was quoted as saying by’s SRH open their campaign against Kolkata Knight Riders at the Eden Gardens on March 24 while Royals welcome Kings XI Punjab to Jaipur on March 25 in their season opener.Also Read | IPL 2019: Watch MS Dhoni in destructive mood in first CSK training sessionAlso Read | Wrong decisions have kept RCB away from IPL title, says Virat KohliAlso Read | IPL 2019 can be great preparation for World Cup: RCB coach Gary KirstenAlso See:last_img read more

Ombudsman DK Jain to double up as BCCI’s Ethics Officer: COA

first_imgThe BCCI’s newly-appointed ombudsman, Justice (Retd) DK Jain, will also be its ad-hoc Ethics Officer, the Committee of Administrators (COA) running Indian cricket said on Thursday.The COA, in its 10th Status Report filed on October 28, 2018, had requested the Supreme Court to appoint an Ethics Officer in addition to an Ombudsman for looking into the matters of Conflict of Interest.”The Ld. Ombudsman of the BCCI, the Hon’ble Mr. Justice D.K. Jain (retd.), shall discharge the functions of the BCCI Ethics Officer, in addition to his role as the BCCI Ombudsman, as an ad-hoc arrangement till such time that an Ethics Officer is appointed,” the COA said.On March 12, the three-member COA requested Justice Jain to take over as Ethics Officer on an ad-hoc basis till a permanent appointment takes place.Justice Jain agreed to double up as temporary Ethics Officer and will look into all the conflict of interest cases.”Since transparency and measures to avoid conflict of interest are important aspects of the reforms process, there is a need for an Ethics Officer to be appointed at the earliest…,” the COA said in its latest status report.Justice Jain is already looking into Hardik Pandya-KL Rahul chat show controversy due to which the duo served provisional suspension, which was eventually lifted.Also Read | New Zealand sports minister hopes Bangladesh will return to playAlso Read | Smriti Mandhana, Jhulan Goswami continue to top ICC women’s ODI player rankingslast_img read more



Here are the best GIFs from the OSU-TCU game

first_imgVia CRFFIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! There wasn’t a lot to smile about on Saturday but there were a few bright moments amidst all the rain and thunder and floods of tears. Here are a few of those moments.I still have zero idea how James Castleman caught this pick. That was Dez-like!That’s a boss throw…which would be great if he could make boss 8-yard throws (I’d settle for middle management 8-yard throws at this point).Emmanuel Ogbah basically sacked Trevone Boykin with one hand. I love this camera angle — especially for successful plays like this one. We saw it from the other side last week with a Roland TD but just to watch plays open up like this (a rarity these days!) is really cool.Is David Glidden our most reliable receiver? He might be, right?This wasn’t ideal. More rain than sunshine here.Ogbah is tied for seventh in the nation in total sacks. Here’s a look at the top 10:last_img read more

WATCH: The Baylor Line Struggled Coming Onto the Field

first_imgDepending on how you view Baylor, one of the coolest (or worst) traditions is their freshmen running haphazardly onto the field to start every game. It went poorly for Baylor’s freshmen on Saturday evening in Waco. Which is sort of a metaphor for how things have been going generally in Waco over the last few months.Great job, Baylor— Deadspin (@Deadspin) September 24, 2016 If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! That’s a lot of money running across that field. #Baylor #Tuition— Hayden Kyle Barber (@HK_Barber) September 24, 2016At least it wasn’t their players?last_img read more

Hart dismisses critics after win

first_imgEngland ‘You think I care?’ Hart dismisses critics after World Cup qualification Ben Spratt Last updated 2 years ago 06:30 10/6/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) JoeHart - cropped Getty Images England England v Slovenia Slovenia WC Qualification Europe World Cup The West Ham goalkeeper had a big role in his nation’s World Cup qualification and then brushed off criticism of his recent form Joe Hart insisted he ignored his critics after delivering a man-of-the-match performance as England qualified for the World Cup.The West Ham goalkeeper had starred in a goalless draw at Slovenia last year and he was similarly influential in the return fixture as Harry Kane’s goal secured a 1-0 win and a place at the finals in Russia.England 18/1 to win World Cup Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. After some shaky performances for club and country, Hart’s form has come under the microscope but he claimed this display was not in response to any criticism, as he gives such matters little attention.Asked about his critics, Hart told ITV: “You think I care about them? I’d have a big problem if I cared – apart from the guys in the dressing room. The team have always got my back and I have always got their back.”We have qualified for a World Cup with one game to go. Regardless of personal achievements, I think it’s important that we smile. England have qualified for a World Cup and that’s a big deal.”How important was this man’s late save? — England (@England) October 5, 2017 Hart conceded that it was difficult for the England supporters at Wembley as the team misfired, but it could not detract from his delight at qualification.”The guys were brilliant. We wore them down,” he added. “It was difficult for the crowd – we appreciate them coming – but the game was difficult.”To have Harry doing that in the last minute, and for Kyle [Walker] to whip it in for him, is a big feeling. I’m really happy.”last_img read more

Anfield trip like hell – Silvestre

first_imgManchester United Anfield trip like going to hell – Silvestre warns Man United Dejan Kalinic Last updated 2 years ago 14:56 10/13/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) MartialLukaku - Cropped Getty Images Manchester United Premier League Liverpool v Manchester United Liverpool The defender has issued a stark prediction for Jose Mourinho’s men, as they prepare to face Liverpool on Saturday lunchtime Mikael Silvestre has warned former club Manchester United that travelling to Anfield to face Liverpool was like “going to hell” during his playing days.Red Devils 9/5 for derby defeatJose Mourinho’s men visit Liverpool on Saturday looking to continue their fine start to the season, which has seen United win six of their opening seven Premier League games. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. But Silvestre, who won five league titles and a Champions League with United, has told his former club to expect a huge test against Jurgen Klopp’s side.”You feel like you’re going to hell. You are not welcome and you can feel the hate for sure,” said Silvestre, speaking exclusively to 888sport.”It’s a hostile environment and it’s a good occasion to see how you react in adversity. It’s the best place to win games.”While United are second in the table, Liverpool sit seventh following just three wins in seven league games.Silvestre believes United can control the hosts’ leading attackers – Philippe Coutinho, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino – with Sadio Mane sidelined due to a hamstring injury.”They are good players but hardly world class yet,” he said.”Over the course of the 90 minutes you would expect them to make some chances because they are talented but there is not one goal-machine from Salah, Firmino, Mane or Coutinho.”They are missing that clinical player because at the end of the day it is this one you have to be worried about, the one you expect to finish 20-25 times a season.”Liverpool doesn’t have one yet. United are going to be tested but I think they can control these guys.”Read the full 888sport interview with Mikael Silvestre, including his thoughts on the one player better than Paul Scholes in his time at Manchester United Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Chelsea icon Vialli predicts Morata golden boot

first_imgChelsea Morata can win Premier League golden boot, says Chelsea legend Gianluca Vialli Nizaar Kinsella Click here to see more stories from this author Chelsea correspondent Last updated 2 years ago 17:44 10/19/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Alvaro Morata Chelsea Stoke City Chelsea Morata Premier League Romelu Lukaku Sergio Agüero Harry Kane EXCLUSIVE: The ex-Blues forward has backed the striker to beat rivals to the goalscoring honour in his first season at Stamford Bridge Gianluca Vialli has backed Alvaro Morata to fend over Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane and Romelu Lukaku in his race to become the Premier League’s top goalscorer this season.Morata 8/1 to be PL top scorerMorata, who has scored seven goals in 2017-18, sat out Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat over Crystal Palace at the weekend due to a hamstring injury but made his return against Roma on Wednesday. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The 24-year-old is wearing Chelsea’s No.9 shirt as he did as Juventus and Vialli, Chelsea’s former player-manager who also wore the No.9 shirt for both clubs, has been impressed with Spain forward’s start to life in west London. “I’ve got no doubts that Morata can be there or thereabouts and win the competition as the most prolific striker in the Premier League,” Vialli told Goal. “He has got a different style. He is not Diego Costa, there’s only one Diego Costa in terms of being able to be effective and aggressive at the same time.”He’s not Lukaku because he hasn’t got the physique of Lukaku but he is probably more effective in front of goal because Morata only needs a couple of opportunities to score. Lukaku normally is always there, which is a great asset for a striker but he might need two or three chances to convert one goal.Alvaro Morata GFX“I think Morata is likely more technical as well. Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, there’s so many great strikers in our league and that makes everything so entertaining.  That’s why I think the Premier League is the most enjoyable league in the world.”Vialli won the Champions League and Serie A with Juventus, while at Chelsea he led the team to five cup successes ahead of Roman Abramovich’s big-money takeover in 2003. The 53-year-old moved to English football from Italy but he doesn’t think that the £58 million striker is having any problems in showing his aggression in the Premier League. “I think that Morata is quite aggressive,” he added. “Maybe not when he tackles but he is aggressive in his runs, he is always moving around and looking for the ball. Yes, he might have to adapt a little bit to the physical side of the game because in Spain and Italy, referees are much more receptive to a striker falling on the ground.”I know Morata very well because he was at Real Madrid but he also played in Italy for a number of seasons. He is a very talented striker, I like the fact that he runs a lot. For me, that’s something that a lot of strikers don’t do enough but Morata works really hard for the side. Alvaro Morata Chelsea 2017“He has got a very, very effective understanding, an empathy if you like, with some of the players in the side. He makes forward runs and he knows where to run in order to receive some of the quality balls from Azpilicueta, for example, or Hazard or Fabregas.”So he is very good and the fact that he played in Spain and Italy before he came to the Premier League has given him enough experience for how to play the game and to know what to do to become an immediate hit in the Premier League.”He is scoring goals but I am sure that Antonio [Conte] wants more because he always demands more but I am sure that he is extremely happy with Morata’s performances so far.”last_img read more

Which EPL club sells the most expensive shirts?

first_imgPremier League Which Premier League club sells the most expensive shirts? Oli Platt Last updated 1 year ago 05:06 11/28/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Mesut Ozil Arsenal Getty Images Premier League Arsenal Swansea City Everton Leicester City Manchester United AFC Bournemouth Tottenham Hotspur Stoke City Watford West Bromwich Albion Manchester City Liverpool Huddersfield Town West Ham United Crystal Palace Chelsea Southampton Brighton & Hove Albion Newcastle United Burnley Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United are among the priciest jerseys to buy in the English top flight, with Burnley and Everton the cheapest Arsenal sell the most expensive home shirt in the Premier League, with the ‘authentic’ version of their 2017-18 jersey priced at £100.The Gunners are one of four top-flight clubs now selling two different categories of shirt: a full-quality edition which is worn by the players on the pitch, and a replica copy at a lower price.Arsenal -2 11/8 v Huddersfield Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Arsenal’s replica jersey costs £55, just over half the price of the authentic design.Manchester City are not far behind in second, with their authentic shirt costing £90.GFX Premier League replica shirtsCity do sell a replica, though, which is the cheapest home shirt sold by a ‘big six’ club at £48. Tottenham and Chelsea, by contrast, sell their own replica versions of the same Nike shirts – branded ‘Stadium’ jerseys – for £60 and £59.95 respectively.Chelsea also offer an authentic (‘Vapor’) shirt which comes in at £89.95, about the same price as City’s premium option.Crystal Palace are the only other club to sell an authentic shirt, with theirs the cheapest of the quartet at £48.99.Those higher prices on their replica jerseys give Chelsea and Tottenham the dubious honour of finishing in joint-last place along with Manchester United when it comes to the cheapest option available at each club.PREMIER LEAGUE HOME SHIRT PRICES Team Authentic Replica Arsenal £100 £55 Bournemouth N/A £45 Brighton N/A £48 Burnley N/A £40 Chelsea £89.95 £59.95 Crystal Palace £48.99 £44.99 Everton N/A £40 Huddersfield Town N/A £45 Leicester City N/A £50 Liverpool N/A £50 Manchester City £90 £48 Manchester United N/A £60 Newcastle United N/A £54.99 Southampton N/A £50 Stoke City N/A £45 Swansea City N/A £45 Tottenham N/A £60 Watford N/A £50 West Brom N/A £50 West Ham N/A £45 The Red Devils’ replica Adidas shirt also costs £60, with no authentic version offered.Burnley and Everton, whose kits are manufactured by Puma and Umbro respectively, take the prize for the cheapest home shirts in the league, with replicas costing £40.Of the sides not playing in European competition this season, meanwhile, the most expensive home jersey is sold by Newcastle United at £54.99.The average price of the cheapest shirt each club sells is £49.30. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Messi, Dembele train ahead of Clasico

first_imgBarcelona Messi, Dembele train ahead of El Clasico as Ronaldo remains isolated Matt Dorman 01:53 12/22/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(4) Ousmane Dembele Barcelona 2017 Getty Images Barcelona Lionel Messi Ousmane Dembélé Real Madrid v Barcelona Real Madrid Primera División Barcelona have received a welcome training ground boost ahead of an eagerly-anticipated La Liga encounter, in contrast to arch-rivals Real Madrid Ousmane Dembele and a fit-again Gerard Deulofeu joined Lionel Messi in Barcelona training on Thursday as the La Liga leaders continued preparations for El Clasico.Ernesto Valverde has already confirmed France winger Dembele will not be risked on Saturday, but his involvement is an encouraging sign of his return from a hamstring injury.Training footage released by Barca painted a different picture to the scenes at their bitter rivals, where Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to join his team-mates. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player The star forward, who is reported to have picked up a calf problem in the Club World Cup final, was confined to light work away from the main squad for the second day in succession. See #Messi and co. get ready for #ElClásico during Thursday’s training session — FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) December 21, 2017 Barca goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen says they must be prepared for whatever forward line Zinedine Zidane fields at the Santiago Bernabeu.”The two teams facing each other are perhaps the best in LaLiga and the world,” the German told El Pais.”We already know who we will have up front, and we must be aware of their attack, and of all of them.”But [we must stick to] our way of playing, that’s how we usually have the best chance of winning.”last_img read more

England must finish on a high to spoil Irish finale, says Dylan Hartley

first_imgSix Nations 2018 Support The Guardian Share on Twitter “I’m motivated by finishing the tournament on a high after two disappointments,” Hartley said. “I’m motivated by showing the rugby world that we’re still a good team. We do that by beating the current Six Nations champions.”England’s 18-match winning run was brought to a halt by Ireland 12 months ago, Joe Schmidt’s side denying Hartley and co a second successive grand slam in the process. That was a first defeat for Hartley as the England captain and while revenge has not come into the hooker’s thinking, he admits there is a desire to stop Ireland clinching what would be only their third clean sweep.“We want to finish the tournament strongly, we don’t want Ireland to win a grand slam,” Hartley added. “It would be a reward for this team to finish the tournament on a high because there’s not a game the following week to come in and train [for] and improve and review, and to then go out and try and execute. This is our last game for a while together so we want to finish on a high.”Hartley returns to the side after missing the 22-16 defeat by France because of a calf injury. That allowed Jamie George a first Six Nations start but once Hartley had proved his fitness, Jones wasted no time in calling on the captain in his most radical team selection to date. Dylan Hartley has admitted stopping Ireland clinching the grand slam is acting as part of his side’s motivation on Saturday but the returning captain has claimed he is more concerned with proving England still belong at the top table.Back-to-back defeats by Scotland and France have led to England relinquishing their Six Nations title and slipping to No 3 in the world rankings, and a loss to Ireland would mean three defeats in a rowin the competition for the first time since 2006.It would also be a first defeat at Twickenham under Eddie Jones and could mean England finish the tournament in fifth place. Victory, however, would move England back up to No 2 in the world behind New Zealand. … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. news Ireland rugby union team Share on WhatsApp Since you’re here… Rugby union Share on Pinterest England rugby union team Read morecenter_img Ireland’s Jacob Stockdale in rush to make mark in Ireland record books Warren Gatland calculates risks as Wales look to absorb France blows Read more Topics Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Hartley’s captaincy has been questioned of late, particularly because he is habitually withdrawn around the hour mark, but he insisted he has no doubts over his international future.“I didn’t think like that. I just controlled what I could and looked after myself and here I am,” he said. “I have got to come in and execute my role. I have got to make sure that 85-90% of my game is all about me and then the other 10% is the captaincy. If I focus on myself in delivering first and foremost then that’s the best form of leadership.”Jones has made 10 changes in total – three positional – including at least one in each row of the scrum. Kyle Sinckler makes his first England start, George Kruis has replaced Joe Launchbury, and James Haskell and Sam Simmonds come in for the injured Nathan Hughes and Courtney Lawes. “I’d say they are angry and I’d say they’re competitive as well,” said England’s scrum coach, Neal Hatley.“Our training is competitive every day because people are scrapping for places. There’s obviously a certain bit of anger over what’s happened across the last two weeks, which is what you’d expect.”Hatley acknowledged Mako Vunipola takes on a greater ball-carrying responsibility in the absence of Hughes and Lawes but does not believe he is showing signs of fatigue in a gruelling season that has followed the British & Irish Lions tour of New Zealand.“We ask Mako to carry the ball a lot,” said Hatley. “I think we were talking about it with Eddie the other day – he finishes games making 15, 16 carries, 18 tackles and however many scrums, lineouts, clean-outs. A lot is asked in international rugby of our props, particularly a ball-carrying prop like Mako. It’s an intense game and the way that Mako likes to play is high-speed. I think he’s coped unbelievably well with the workload.” Share on LinkedIn Dylan Hartley Share via Email Six Nations Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Aston Villa’s Steve Bruce seeks solace on pitch after torrid few months

first_imgShare on Messenger Share on Facebook When Steve Bruce is asked whether work on strengthening the team will start immediately if Aston Villa win promotion to the Premier League on Saturday, the first thought that comes into his head has nothing to do with new signings. “The one thing I need this year, more than any other year, is a holiday,” he says.The Championship can be a grind at the best of times with all those Saturday-Tuesday fixtures and all the more so when a 46-game season is extended by another three weeks because of the play-offs, but Bruce is looking forward to a break for reasons that transcend football. This has been a devastating year for the Villa manager, who lost his father, Joe, in February and his mother, Sheenagh, less than three months later. The pain and grief are never far from the surface but Bruce, somehow, has managed to carry on working, trying as best he can to lose himself in the job while also taking solace from the heart-warming response he has received from inside football.“You know something?” he says. “In the industry we’re in, there is so much negativity and so-called bad people around everywhere, and when something happens like what’s happened to me, with how cruel it is, then the number of messages of support and cards I’ve had has been quite remarkable. The football world then feels for you because to lose your mum and dad in a matter of 12 weeks has been the most traumatic experience that anybody could cope with.”Bruce pauses for a moment, puffs out his cheeks and carries on. “On a lighter note, my mum always enjoyed Wembley, so she would have been getting her outfit,” he adds, smiling. “She loved Wembley. My dad wouldn’t have gone. He’d have said: ‘I can’t stand all that crap, Steve. I don’t know how you do all that and stand there, I couldn’t do that for the life of me.’ But my mum was a total one-off and my biggest supporter, and she was terrific.”It is extremely moving listening to Bruce and not surprising to hear him say that, in the context of what he has been through over the last few months, winning promotion with Villa would be the most satisfying achievement of his managerial career.In truth, it has been a difficult assignment at Villa from day one. Appointed in October 2016, when Villa were 19th in the Championship, Bruce remembers sitting down with Steve Round, the technical director, after his first game and having a brutally honest conversation about the state of the club. “My initial thought, and Steve agreed with me, was: ‘Steve, we’ve got to stop the rot here and just keep the club in the Championship.’ That’s how low I thought it had got.”Years of failure had taken their toll. “There was no association with the players [and the fans] any more, it had broken,” Bruce says. “So to try and mend that, the only thing you can do is try and get a bit of honesty and endeavour back and win a few matches. I do believe the supporters have enjoyed seeing what we have got at the moment. It has taken some time and certainly wasn’t there when I arrived. There were times when they wanted to rip my head off and rip the heads off the players.”Bruce recruited experienced campaigners to turn things around, including Glenn Whelan, Ahmed Elmohamady, John Terry and Mile Jedinak, all of whom “could handle playing for Aston Villa”, and also made the most of the loan market by adding Robert Snodgrass, Josh Onomah, Sam Johnstone and Lewis Grabban.Yet the player he “practically tried to build a team around” was already at the club. Jack Grealish, who burst on to the scene in an FA Cup semi-final against Liverpool three years ago, has been outstanding in the second half of the season, so much so that Bruce thought the 22-year-old had an outside chance of making England’s World Cup squad. “He’s got that ability to get you off your seat and go ‘wow’, which is quite unique in this country,” Bruce says.He hopes Grealish will give Villa “another year whatever league we are in”, but no one inside the club is under any illusions about the ramifications of defeat against Fulham. “There will be difficult times ahead, I would have thought,” says Bruce, alluding to concerns about the potential financial fallout.For Bruce, however, it is all about thinking positively, which has not always been easy over the last few months. The 57-year-old, who is chasing a fifth promotion to the top flight, deserves a break in more ways than one, and few outside Fulham will begrudge him if he heads off on holiday as a Premier League manager once again. Championship Share on LinkedIn features Share via Email Aston Villa Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Steve Bruce Aston Villa survive late Stewart Downing scare to reach Wembley final Read more Share on WhatsApp Topics Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Buses, missiles and a crescendo of hype

first_img Twitter Share on Twitter ALL ABOARD THE SPY BUS!While last weekend’s Sky Sports Super Sunday was rather a damp squib featuring Cardiff City and Burnley, the absence of braying American losers and the supporters who convene to cheer them on as they play golf across the network means the channel have been forced to up their game and put on a comparative fireworks display this time around. While Chelsea and Arsenal are expected to swat Southampton and Fulham aside on the undercard, the outcome of their games will be quickly forgotten, drowned out by the crescendo of hype surrounding the main event. A clash in which defending champions and title favourites Manchester City take on a Liverpool side who many people think might be in with a shout of preventing their rivals from winning the league by more than 10 points. Twitter Facebook features Twitter England face Brazil on Saturday. Photograph: Lynne Cameron for The FA/Rex/Shutterstock Pinterest Facebook Sunderland manager Jack Ross gets his chat on about books and goats with Louise Taylor.One man and his dog. Two tickets to paradise. Three is the magic number. Four seasons in one day. Five gold rings. Six feet under. Seven deadly sins. Eight days a week. Nine-inch nails. Ten things to look out for in the Premier League this weekend.Two tickets!Oh, and if it’s your thing … you can follow Big Website on Big Social FaceSpace. And INSTACHAT, TOO!EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT IDEAS: No 1 AND No 2 Pinterest That tea-timely inbox feeling. Photograph: Ole Martin Wold/EPA Share on LinkedIn Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend In All Or Nothing, the hard-hitting documentary created by Manchester City’s propaganda wing that is available on Amazon Prime, Pep Guardiola stated that Liverpool’s front three players “scare me” and he has every right to be afraid of a team managed by perhaps the only manager in world football that has his measure. Jürgen Klopp is one of very few peers who has won more often than he has lost against Guardiola, not that it made a huge difference in the last campaign when his team contrived to collect nine points out of 18 against teams that ended up being relegated. As the early signs this season suggest such carelessness has finally been eliminated, Sunday’s match, while still very early in the season, takes on added significance.In a bid to ensure there is no repeat of the ugly scenes that marred City’s last visit to Anfield, a huge amount of the pre-match publicity has been devoted to the ugly scenes that marred City’s last visit to Anfield. On that occasion, in Big Cup, a Liverpool “welcome committee” pelted the team coach with beer bottles, flares and other missiles, shattering one window and causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage. With not a single arrest made in the subsequent police investigation and City losing the game, the incentive for a repeat performance seems quite high.However, in a turn of events that wouldn’t look out of a place in a pacy primetime BBC drama written by Jed Mercurio, City have stopped just short of announcing they’ll be employing several decoy buses, but say they won’t be revealing which route they’ll be taking. As a further precaution, they will also be equipping their conveyance with what are breathlessly being reported across assorted media outlets as “spy cameras”. Able to swivel, zoom in and out, and even take pictures, these modern-day surveillance devices are more commonly known as … “cameras”. It seems it’s not just the match itself, but the security surrounding it, that’s being hyped to within an inch of its life.LIVE ON BIG WEBSITEJoin John Ashdown from 8pm BST for hot MBM coverage of Brighton 0-0 West Ham.QUOTE OF THE DAY“Felt good to score the equaliser and winner but without the lads the comeback wouldn’t of [sic] been possible” – Halesowen Town striker Emlyn Tudgay ever-so-slightly underplays one of the great football fightbacks after the Yeltz [us neither – Fiver Ed] battled back from 7-2 down after an hour played against Nuneaton Borough to win 9-8 in their FA Youth Cup second-round qualifying tie.PICTURE OF THE DAY Pinterest Facebook Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest Football Reuse this content Arty. Photograph: Michael Zemanek/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock Read more José Mourinho continued his cold war with the north-west’s football reporters on Friday, getting everyone out of bed for his 8am press conference then fielding six questions, answering five, before proceedings came to a close.Crystal Palace manager Mr Roy wants Ruben Loftus-Cheek back, wants him back, wants him back … yeah he wants him back for good. “I’m sure when the day comes when he becomes available for transfer, we will be sticking our noses into that,” he purred.Germany manager Jogi Lurrrrrrvvve has called up Schalke’s Mark Uth, while Mario Balotelli has been left out of Roberto Mancini’s Italy squad.Club v country klaxon!Former The Biggest Loser (Australia) coach Dwight Yorke has thrown his hat into the Aston Villa job vacancy ring. “I feel the club need something new going forward,” he said, somewhat overlooking his near 300 games for the club.And Neil Warnock has his eyes on a buon natale alla Italia with Mrs Warnock if Cardiff show him to the door marked Gwnewch Un. “What’s the worst scenario? I could go away with Sharon to Italy or somewhere and have a nice, relaxed Christmas,” he cheered.STILL WANT MORE?Unai Emery’s quiet revolution at Arsenal is reaping early rewards, reckons David Hytner. Share via Email SUPPORT THE GUARDIANProducing the Guardian’s thoughtful, in-depth journalism [the stuff not normally found in this email, obviously – Fiver Ed] is expensive, but supporting us isn’t. If you value our journalism, please support us. In return we can hopefully arm you with the kind of knowledge that makes you sound slightly less uninformed during those hot reactive gegenpress chats you so enjoy. And if you think what we do is enjoyable [again, etc and so on – Fiver Ed], please help us keep coming back here to give you more of the same.FIVER LETTERS“Having revelled in the almost monotonous successes of the Lord Ferg era at Manchester United, at the beginning of this season I thought: time for a change. Support a team that doesn’t expect to win. One that measures its wellbeing by points above the relegation zone and celebrates a point away from home. Thanks José, I’ll keep the scarf, then” – John D’Arcy.“Your reference in yesterday’s Fiver to John (better known as Jack) Reynolds as a ‘chancer’ perhaps does one of the most talented footballers of his generation a disservice. He is in fact (barring own goals) the only player to have scored both for and against England. He won the FA Cup with West Brom in 1892, played a key role in Aston Villa’s successful 1890s team, winning three English titles and two FA Cups, with a double in 1897. Described as a ‘notorious lothario’ because of his gambling and womanising, he was the bad-boy footballer of his day. Just the sort of player The Fiver would love to be making column inches today” – John Myles.“As 19th century German idealist philosopher Georg Hegel once almost famously said: ‘What experience and history teach is this, that people, governments and Newcastle United staff have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it’” – Noble Francis.Send your letters to And if you’ve nothing better to do you can also tweet The Fiver. Today’s winner of our prizeless letter o’the day is … John Myles.NEWS, BITS AND BOBSNike says it is “deeply concerned” about the rape allegations made against Cristiano Ronaldo. Juventus decided to tweet that he is a “great champion”.Phil Neville will allow England captain Steph Houghton to choose whether or not to play in their forthcoming friendlies after her husband Stephen Darby was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Share on WhatsApp Topics Share on Messenger The Fiverlast_img read more

The best of Gordon Banks, Tony Romo’s gold and Juve’s Welshmen

first_img6) Nascar now, and the rather spicy overtaking move from Jimmie Johnson that took out the entire field and allowed Johnson to win the race. “I’m very remorseful,” said Johnson afterwards, protesting a teensy bit too much. “I’m probably more remorseful than any driver in the field when stuff like this happens. I don’t crash people to win races…absolutely I’m remorseful.”Our favourites from below the line last week1) Parkour madness, right here.2) Aussie rules, but not as you know it.3) With them in the FA Cup fifth round, revel in Doncaster’s calamitous 1997-98 season.Spotters’ badges: BlackCaeser, GrahamClayton, MSJMGuardian YouTube football channelDo subscribe if you fancy.Guardian YouTube sport channelDo subscribe if you fancy. Share on Messenger Since you’re here… Share on Twitter 3) Aaron Ramsey is off to Juventus, continuing a brief but proud tradition of Welshman to have donned the Bianconeri jersey. Of course, there was the very good of John Charles, a thoroughbred of a footballer if there ever was one, and the not-so good of Ian “it was like living in a foreign country” Rush. The Liverpool legend certainly looked a little unnerved when he first pitched up at the Stadio Comunale and highlights of his time in Turin were few and far between. Let’s also not forget honorary Welshman Giorgio Chinaglia, who after serving his football apprenticeship at Swansea City returned to his homeland in 1966 where he’s most fondly remembered for a seven-year spell with Lazio.4) To Serie B, where Salernitana goalkeeper Alessandro Micai elbows Jordan Pickford out of the way and installs himself as the red-hot favourite for the Best Helping Hand of the Season award with this calamity in the 1-0 defeat by Benevento.5) Tony Romo takes a detour to the hospitality stand on the 15th in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. A bogey at least, right? Nope. A delicate chip to within a couple of feet sets up a birdie. Not bad for a quarterback. Support The Guardian … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Topics YouTube archive Share on LinkedIn 1) Farewell, then, Gordon Banks. Where else to start than The Save? Or, A Version Of The Save. Here he is keeping Denis Law out at Wembley in 1967, beating the looping deflection in style. The Pathe news report on 1966 is always worth a look, not least for some jaffas of saves by our man. No patriotic conviviality a few years later when he saved a penalty from Geoff Hurst in a broiling League Cup semi-final between Stoke and West Ham. Enjoy a compilation of his top stops, soundtracked by some delicious 1960s lounge jazz. Certainly more appropriate than Sabrina Vaz (us neither) to go with this clip of the last game Banks played before the car crash that effectively ended his career as a top-class goalkeeper, although as you can see in this Channel 4 interview, he declared the loss of his right eye “not too bad.” Finally … go on then, here it is.2) It’s the rugby league World Club Challenge this weekend, as Wigan take on the Sydney Roosters. Here’s the first official edition of the game, when Widnes turned over Canberra in 1989. And regard the time Wigan won it for the third time, a belter against Brisbane in 1994, featuring the British national anthem as played on a toy Stratocaster. The 2010 edition was a bit weird: Melbourne Storm won the game, beating Leeds Rhinos 18-10 (first half, and second here), only for them to be stripped of the title due to financial irregularities, but rather than give the crown to Leeds it was just…left in the ether. 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England goalscoring record is way off in distance, says Harry Kane

first_imgShare on Facebook England Reuse this content Passing Hurst in the all-time list was “a great milestone to reach” Kane added. “It’s something I’m very proud of, but I’m always looking forward for the next one, the next set of goals. [I want to see] if I can get to 30 and how quick I can get to 30, and go from there. We have another game on Tuesday [against Kosovo], where I feel we will be able to create chances, so hopefully I can get a couple more.“The main thing is that we keep winning. I’m in a good place with the players I’m playing with, they are going to create chances, they are going to give me opportunities. I’ve just got to make sure I’m ready to put them away.”With Raheem Sterling taking his international tally to nine and England’s other forward, Marcus Rashford, involved in two of the goals, Kane believes the competition up front is helping push the team on. “There’s no given in this team, no one is guaranteed to play,” Kane said. “You have to make sure you are training well every camp and the gaffer has made that very clear. For me personally it’s about improving and with the players around me I’ll do that. Everyone wants to play, but it’s about the squad pulling in the same direction.”As for the brouhaha over his tumble in the penalty area during the north London derby, Kane was not in the mood to linger on the topic. “I haven’t really heard much on that,” Kane said of the ensuing controversy. “I said after the Newcastle game it’s a clear penalty from my point of view. I said after the Arsenal game it’s a 50/50 one, similar to one we got given against us at Wembley the year before. It happens in football.”He added of the incident involving Arsenal’s Sokratis Papastathopoulos: “I am someone who uses his body well, which as a striker you have to do at every level. On the halfway line it’s a free-kick every day of the week. In the penalty box you don’t always get it. People’s opinions are their opinions. I wasn’t concentrating on that sort of stuff. I’ve never felt I should apologise and hopefully I don’t have to.” The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Kane, Rashford and Sterling ensure England are ominously short of drama Harry Kane Share on WhatsApp Euro 2020 qualifying newscenter_img Share via Email Read more Share on LinkedIn Topics Harry Kane insists the England goalscoring record is “a long way off”, despite reaching the milestone of 25 goals in just 40 games for the Three Lions.The 26-year-old scored a hat-trick as England breezed past Bulgaria on Saturday night and Kane credited the strength of the current squad in keeping him on his toes. As for recent instances when his feet have gone out from under him, the Tottenham forward said he has nothing to apologise for as he rejected accusations of diving.Kane is now England’s 14th highest scorer, having moved past Sir Geoff Hurst’s total of 24 goals, and is nearly halfway to Wayne Rooney’s record of 53.“When I score for England, It’s obviously something that people bring up,” he said. “But I’ve said before it’s still a long way off and there’s a lot that can happen.” Share on Messenger Share on Twitter Share on Pinterestlast_img read more