Calls for change on drug policy are whistling in the wind

first_imgTrying to extrapolate a liberal drug policy from David Cameron is like punching fog: a gargantuan effort for no reward whatsoever. There is more chance of the Prime Minister running naked through Downing Street with ‘big society’ tattooed on his chest than there is of him easing up on drug classification. A relaxed policy is an instant turn-off for his core electorate and unlikely to win him many votes from the left. Hence, it’s a no-go. Drugs law policy will always ultimately be decided by instinct. Suggest a relaxation of the rules and the media will simply wheel out a grieving parent of a teenager who has died after taking an ecstasy pill. Put forward a programme to offer heroin addicts a structured but expensive course of drug rehabilitation and the mob will have you out of power before you know it. Rationality will forever be trumped by emotions, no matter how illogical and counter-productive current laws seem. All of which suggests the latest effort to decriminalise drugs in the form of a letter to the PM may be yet more whistling in the wind. Signatories such as Sir Richard Branson and Dame Judi Dench appeal for a rehash (you have to love that punnery) of the current laws, arguing they do little to prevent thousands of people using drugs and being burdened with a criminal record when they are caught. ‘In the last year alone nearly 80,000 people in the UK were found guilty or cautioned for possession of an illegal drug – most were young, black or poor,’ says the letter. ‘This policy is costly for taxpayers and damaging for communities. ‘Criminalising people who use drugs leads them to greater social exclusion and isolation, making it much more difficult for them to gain employment and to play a productive role in society.’ This argument has been made many times before, not least by senior members of the legal profession, and more are included here, including several barristers and solicitors. They sit slightly incongruously alongside Guardian columnists and luvvie actors, and are a reminder that while legal practitioners are required to uphold the law, they might not always agree with it. They deserve credit for sticking their heads above the parapet, in spite of whether you agree with their views. They won’t win this argument, but they’ve helped to thrust this important issue back into the news agenda. One thing’s for sure, it won’t go away anytime soon.last_img read more

Shared parenting presumption in law reform proposal

first_imgThe government seeks to introduce a legal presumption of ‘shared parenting’ where relationships break down, under proposals outlined today. The plans to strengthen the law so children have an ongoing relationship with both parents if they separate are set out in the Ministry of Justice consulation. It sets out four options to amend Section 1 of the Children Act 1989 to enshrine shared parenting in law, with provisions that will be included in the Children and Families Bill. The government’s preferred option is to require the court to work on the presumption that a child’s welfare is likely to be furthered through safe involvement with both parents, unless the evidence shows this is unsafe or not in the child’s best interests. The second option is to require the courts to have regard to the principle that a child’s welfare is likely to be furthered through involvement with both parents. A third option would have the same effect as a presumption, by providing that the court’s starting point in making decisions about children’s care is that a child’s welfare is likely to be furthered through involvement with both parents. In the fourth option the government suggests adding an additional factor to the welfare checklist so that regard is given to the child’s interest in retaining a relationship with both parents. The proposals confirm plans set out in February in response to the Family Justice Review Panel’s report. Ministers say that the change will encourage more parents to resolve disputes out of court and agree care arrangements that fully involve them both. The government says the proposals make it clear that any change is ‘categorically’ not about equality of time that a child spends with each parent after separation. The consultation states explicitly that there is no intention that equal time or any notion of the ‘appropriate’ division of time should be the starting point of a court’s consideration. Current legislation sets out the principle that a child’s welfare is always paramount in any family court decision about their future, but while the benefit of ongoing involvement with both parents is a factor in decisions, it is not explicitly stated in law. The government believes that this creates a perception that the law does not fully recognise both parents’ roles and that there is a bias towards one or other parent. Children’s minister Tim Loughton said: ‘We need to clarify and restore public confidence that the courts fully recognise the joint nature of parenting. We want the law to be far more explicit about the importance of children having an ongoing relationship with both parents after separation, where that is safe and in the child’s best interests. Where parents are able and willing to play a positive role in their child’s care they should have the chance to do so.’ But he stressed: ‘This is categorically not about giving parents equal right to time with their children – it is about reinforcing society’s expectation that mothers and fathers should be jointly responsible for their children’s upbringing.’ The consultation also seeks to toughen sanctions to enforce breaches of court orders regarding care arrangements, extending existing punishments for contempt of court. Justice minister Jonathan Djanogly said: ‘We want to send a strong message to any parent who ignores the arrangements ordered by a court. In the future these breaches will be brought back to court within weeks and before the same judge wherever possible. If any parent flouts a court order then effective enforcement measures will be available to the judge.’last_img read more

TEFNs could slash track costs

first_imgIN A PERIOD of 17 years following deregulation under the Staggers Act of 1980, the major Class I railways in the US achieved a threefold reduction in the cost per gross tonne-km of maintaining and renewing their infrastructure. They did it by investing heavily in raising track quality, and in lubrication and profile grinding, thus cutting the maintenance bill. A by-product of quality was a threefold decrease per gross tonne-km in accidents caused by track and signalling.Faced with a crippling increase in access charges, British freight operator English Welsh & Scottish Railway commissioned two reports into relative infrastructure costs incurred by Railtrack and the US Class Is. They have been submitted to the Rail Regulator, who is due to report on freight access charges later this month. LEK Consulting found that US infrastructure cost per gross tonne-km was 0·15p, whereas Railtrack was charging EWS 0·38p (and telling the Regulator it was not enough to cover its costs). TTC Inc concluded that by adopting US track materials and standards for freight lines, Railtrack’s life cycle track costs could be reduced from 0·23p to 0·11p.Benchmarking Australia’s railways against the US Class Is has already produced substantial gains in efficiency and productivity, despite inadequate funds for investment. It is high time Europe followed suit, and these studies point the way to massive gains. Some will argue that Europe’s passenger railways cannot be compared with US freight carriers. LEK demolishes this objection. For example, more than 40% of Class I track used by US passenger trains can be used at 130 km/h or more, whereas trains exceed 120 km/h on just over 30% of Railtrack’s passenger network. While British freight trains travel about 30 km/h faster than the US average, and there are more structures to maintain per route-km, the heavier axleloads in North America cause greater track damage.These reports demand serious consideration, not just in Britain but in the context of proposals for a Trans-European Freight Network. Such routes should have curves canted for freight rather than passenger speeds, for example, and an increase in axleloads from 22·5 to 25 tonnes or more is long overdue. In the inaugural Gustave Eiffel Lecture in London on April 11, Sir Alastair Morton, Chairman of the Shadow Strategic Rail Authority, challenged European leaders to break down artificial barriers preventing the creation of rail freight networks. ’Europe will not be efficient unless France and Germany open their freight systems to international traffic, and invest in their capacity and their cross-border and domestic efficiency’, he warned.last_img read more

Northeast Ohio Baseball Playoff Predictions

first_imgIt’s that time of year. The OHSAA Baseball Playoffs begin in Northeast Ohio Monday, May 8, starting with Division II sectionals.Here at NEO Sports Insiders, we decided to give our educated guesses on how the Playoffs will play out, enlisting the help of five baseball writers/analysts.Our panel includes:Matt Medley – NEO Sports InsidersTony Bogan – NEO Sports InsidersPatrick Kennedy – NEO Sports InsidersKyle Goodwin – OhioSportsNetDylan Hefflinger – PBR OhioOur guesses are as good as yours and if you want to throw it in our faces when your team proves our picks wrong, we encourage you to do so!!Best of luck to all teams in the Playoffs!**To see our District Previews and Breakdowns, click here.**Division IEuclid DistrictPatrick: Mayfield over MentorKyle: Mayfield over ChardonTony: Eastlake North over MentorDylan: Mayfield over MentorMatt: Mayfield over MentorHudson DistrictPatrick: Solon over AuroraKyle: Solon over AuroraTony: Solon over HudsonDylan: Solon over HudsonMatt: Solon over AuroraStruthers DistrictPatrick: Roosevelt over HowlandKyle: Walsh Jesuit over StowTony: Roosevelt over StowDylan: Stow over RooseveltMatt: Stow over Walsh JesuitCanton DistrictPatrick: Jackson over GreenKyle: Jackson over GreenTony: Jackson over GreenDylan: Jackson over HooverMatt: Jackson over GreenCanton Regional FinalPatrick: Jackson over SolonKyle: Jackson over SolonTony: Jackson over SolonDylan: Jackson over SolonMatt: Jackson over SolonStrongsville DistrictPatrick: Strongsville over St. IgnatiusKyle: Strongsville over St. EdwardTony: Strongsville over St. EdwardDylan: Strongsville over St. IgnatiusMatt: Strongsville over St. IgnatiusLorain DistrictPatrick: Amherst over Olmsted FallsKyle: Amherst over Berea-MidparkTony: Amherst over AvonDylan: Amherst over Berea-MidparkMatt: Amherst over AvonBarberton DistrictPatrick: Highland over BrunswickKyle: North Royalton over HobanTony: Hoban over North RoyaltonDylan: Highland over BrunswickMatt: Brunswick over North RoyaltonBG/Parma Regional FinalPatrick: Amherst over StrongsvilleKyle: Amherst over NorthviewTony: Amherst over StrongsvilleDylan: Amherst over St. Francis de SalesMatt: Strongsville over AmherstD-I State ChampPatrick: JacksonKyle: AmherstTony: JacksonDylan: (see PBR Ohio picks when released)Matt: JacksonDivision IIParma DistrictPatrick: Keystone over Holy NameKyle: Keystone over Holy NameTony: Keystone over Holy NameDylan: Padua over KeystoneMatt: Holy Name over KeystoneBowling Green Regional FinalPatrick: Keystone over ShelbyKyle: Jonathan Alder over KeystoneTony: Keystone over ShelbyDylan: Defiance over WattersonMatt: Vermilion over Holy NameJefferson DistrictPatrick: Lake Catholic over LakeviewKyle: NDCL over Lake CatholicTony: NDCL over Lake CatholicDylan: NDCL over Lake CatholicMatt: Lake Catholic over NDCLAkron DistrictPatrick: Field over TallmadgeKyle: Tallmadge over FieldTony: Field over TallmadgeDylan: Tallmadge over FieldMatt: Tallmadge over FieldEuclid DistrictPatrick: Chagrin Falls over CVCAKyle: Chagrin Falls over CVCATony: Chagrin Falls over WoodridgeDylan: Chagrin Falls over WoodridgeMatt: Chagrin Falls over CVCAStruthers DistrictPatrick: Niles McKinley over CanfieldKyle: Canfield over Niles McKinleyTony: Niles McKinley over CanfieldDylan: Poland Seminary over Niles McKinleyMatt: Marlington over Niles McKinleyHudson Regional FinalPatrick: Field over Chagrin FallsKyle: Chagrin Falls over TallmadgeTony: Chagrin Falls over FieldDylan: Tallmadge over Poland SeminaryMatt: Chagrin Falls over TallmadgeD-II State ChampPatrick: FieldKyle: Chagrin FallsTony: WapakonetaDylan: (see PBR Ohio picks when released)Matt: Chagrin FallsDivision IIIStruthers DistrictPatrick: Canton Central Catholic over ColumbianaKyle: Canton Central Catholic over ColumbianaTony: Canton Central Catholic over ColumbianaDylan: Canton Central Catholic over St. Thomas AquinasMatt: Canton Central Catholic over St. Thomas AquinasLakewood DistrictPatrick: Elyria Catholic over TrinityKyle: Elyria Catholic over TrinityTony: Trinity over Elyria CatholicDylan: Elyria Catholic over TrinityMatt: Elyria Catholic over TrinityLaBrae DistrictPatrick: Hawken over ChampionKyle: Hawken over ChampionTony: Hawken over ChampionDylan: Champion over HawkenMatt: Hawken over BerkshireMassillon Regional FinalPatrick: Elyria Catholic over Canton Central CatholicKyle: Elyria Catholic over Canton Central CatholicTony: Triway over HawkenDylan: Elyria Catholic over Canton Central CatholicMatt: Elyria Catholic over Canton Central CatholicD-III State ChampPatrick: Elyria CatholicKyle: Elyria CatholicTony: HilandDylan: (see PBR Ohio picks when released)Matt: Elyria CatholicDivision IVMedina DistrictPatrick: Lake Center Christian over HillsdaleKyle: Mogadore over Cuyahoga HeightsTony: Hillsdale over Lake Center ChristianDylan: Lake Center Christian over HillsdaleMatt: Lake Ridge over Lake Center ChristianFairport DistrictPatrick: Warren JFK over Fairport HardingKyle: Warren JFK over MathewsTony: Warren JFK over Fairport HardingDylan: Warren JFK over Fairport HardingMatt: Fairport Harding over Warren JFKLorain Regional FinalPatrick: Berlin Ctr. Western Reserve over Warren JFKKyle: Mogadore over MohawkTony: Jackson-Milton over Warren JFKDylan: Jackson-Milton over Western ReserveMatt: Lake Ridge over Fairport HardingD-IV State ChampPatrick: Berlin Ctr. Western ReserveKyle: “No Clue”Tony: TorontoDylan: (see PBR Ohio picks when released)Matt: Lake Ridge**To see our District Previews and Breakdowns, click here.** Related Topics Matt Medleycenter_img Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games.last_img read more

USC/Texas A&M game time set

first_imgCOLUMBIA – South Carolina’s October 31st road game against Texas A&M in College State, Texas will be televised on either ESPN or the SEC Network at 12 p.m. The network will be determined following games on Oct. 24th.The Gamecocks defeated Vanderbilt on Saturday, while the Aggies lost to Alabama.last_img

Franco-German matches come with a touch of the unknown in the…

first_img© ReutersThe ambitious “Leipzig” embarks on a search for historic success The unusual season in the Champions League is entering its final phase, in which the finalists will be determined.For the first time in the new millennium, there are no teams from England or Spain in the semifinals. Instead, two exciting Franco-German duels took place.Two ambitious teams – Leipzig and PSG – meet in Lisbon on Tuesday night. A day later, it was the turn of the match between “Bayern” and “Lyon”, which created remarkable matches against “Barcelona” (8: 2) and “Manchester City” (3: 1), respectively. The German influence in the semifinals is strengthened by the fact that three of the teams are led by German coaches. The meeting tonight between Julian Nagelsman and his appointed teacher Thomas Tuchel is eagerly awaited.Duels against Tuhel are always very interesting because he has a very good idea of ​​how to play football. I hope that I will come up with a good idea against him and that my boys will perform like against Atletico. Then we will play well. match, ”Nagelsman said. He added: “I have often faced him as a coach, but I have rarely won. I hope that will change now. I would be happy for a weak match if we win.”About the storySo far, since the creation of the Champions League, France has only one winner – “Olympic” (Marseille) from 1992-93, when it was the first season of the tournament in this form. After that, Ligue 1 only once again had a representative in the final – when in 2004 led by Jose Mourinho “Porto” won 3-0 “Monaco”.German football had more success, and even had an all-German final – in 2013, “Bayern” won 2: 1 “Borussia” (Dortmund).The first duel in the semifinals pits two clubs with great ambition. Leipzig impressed with its rapid development. The team was the youngest in the quarterfinals, with an average age of under 25, and coach Nagelsman himself is 33.For the first time since 1996, no English or Spanish sides will compete in this year’s edition of the #UCL semi-finals. With only French and German teams left standing, this is also the first time since 2013 that just two nations are being represented at this stage of the UCL. – KPMG Football Benchmark (@Football_BM) August 17, 2020 PSG has more experience and individual qualities according to experts. The latest information is that the star Killian Mbape can start in the main lineup, after appearing in the previous match with “Atalanta” (2: 1) for half an hour as a reserve.The eyes are also on the other world-class player Neymar. The Brazilian took responsibility in the quarterfinals and helped PSG make a late turn.“Since I arrived, he has always been a leader. A different leader, not as the others understand him, but with his qualities, confidence, his courage on the field, his desire to win. He loves rivalry, and that is necessary to be a leader.” said Tuhel.PSG reaches this level in the race for the first time. “We live in the present. We deserve to be here, we had an amazing season. Once we get that far, it’s because we’ve worked for a few months at the highest level. We’re ready, we’re hungry, but we don’t think about the historic opportunity because we’re in the semifinals. and we are here to win, “added the German.last_img read more

Mad About Shakespeare: Helen Hunt kicks off third season of PBS’ ‘Shakespeare Uncovered’

first_imgCourtesy of Blakeway Productions(NEW YORK) — Helen Hunt is ready to share her love of William Shakespeare as host of the third season premiere of PBS’ Shakespeare Uncovered.In the episode airing Friday, the actress does a deep dive into the play Much Ado About Nothing. She’s starred in the play twice in her career, in the role of Beatrice.“One thing about Shakespeare is I never leave with a fist pump, like, ‘Nailed it!’” Hunt tells ABC Radio. “You just humbly try to find your way with the language, let the language move you in ways that other wonderful writing just doesn’t.”Hunt was particularly drawn to Much Ado because of her love of romantic comedies. She says we can see Shakespeare’s influence even in Paul and Jamie Buchman, the characters she and Paul Reiser played in the hit ‘90s sitcom Mad About You.Shakespeare Uncovered not only dissects the meaning and cultural relevance of Shakespeare’s plays, it also reveals the history behind them.“When people first approach Shakespeare they think it’s fancy or impenetrable, or ‘I’ll never understand it’ or ‘it’s gonna be boring’ — the biggest fear is that it’s boring,” Hunt says. “And once you just have a tiny window, which I think this show offers you, into the history of the plays and the relevance of the plays and the humor and heartbreak in the plays, you have a whole lot of beauty ahead of you.”  The six-episode third and final season of Shakespeare Uncovered also features episode hosts F. Murray Abraham, Romola Garai and Brian Cox. Check local listings for air times.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Scoreboard roundup — 7/16/17

first_img Related iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:INTERLEAGUEChicago Cubs 8, Baltimore 0AMERICAN LEAGUEN.Y. Yankees 3, Boston 0, first gameBoston 3, N.Y. Yankees 0, second gameDetroit 6, Toronto 5, 11 InningsSeattle 7, Chicago White Sox 6, 10 InningsHouston 5, Minnesota 3Kansas City 4, Texas 3L.A. Angels 4, Tampa Bay 3Oakland 7, Cleveland 3NATIONAL LEAGUEWashington 14, Cincinnati 4Colorado 13, N.Y. Mets 4L.A. Dodgers 3, Miami 2Atlanta 7, Arizona 1Pittsburgh 4, St. Louis 3Philadelphia 5, Milwaukee 2San Diego 7, San Francisco 1Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more

Musically-inclined family says viral ‘Les Mis’ number was meant to be a Mother’s Day gift

first_imgABC News(NEW YORK) — When an entire family showed off their musical talents for what started out as a Mother’s Day gift, their “Les Mis” number went viral before they could say “One More Day.”Jordon, Landon, Heidi, Spencer, Andrea, Caitlyn, Juston, Karina and Jayson Lebaron joined “Good Morning America” from their home in Utah and said the video that has already racked up more than 9 million views on Facebook in less than a week was conceptualized as a gift for their mom.“This was my mom’s idea actually. She loves hearing us sing [and] she really really wanted a Mother’s Day present so we just all decided we’d throw together a little group recording,” Jayson Lebaron said.The family said they “always sing around the piano” performing a variety of songs, but perhaps the most amazing part of this viral video is the fact that it was filmed on the first take.“Jayson and Karina decided we have all the parts for ‘One Day More’ and mom requested it so we sang through it once or twice and recorded it and that’s what you see,” Angela Lebaron explained.The siblings, who are all musically inclined, said they figured out early on in their relationships if — and how — their partners and now spouses would fit in their family’s harmony.“There’s probably not a formal audition process,” Jordon Lebaron said, “but it’s something we get to the bottom of early on in the relationship.”And to top off the musical family affair — Jayson said the group’s accompanist isn’t actually a sibling — it’s their dad!Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img read more

Sunday feature: Wellington school has experienced a historical drop in students, but is it the fault of Summit?

first_img465 -2 117 As one could see, the other four schools see similar fluctuations. For example, Abilene saw a 41 student decrease in high school alone. Rose Hill had a 20 student increase after experiencing an 11 student decrease the year before.Which brings us back to the data for the Wellington school district over the last 10 years (click on data graph at the top).At the start of the 2010-2011 school year, Wellington had 1,638 students. The school district is now at a low of 1,475 students. The 68-student is the largest decrease over the 10 years. But 2017-18 saw a 62 student decrease from 2016-17. That year was a little perplexing in that the senior-kindergarten attrition rate was just an 11 student loss. That year, Wellington lost 51 students who transferred or withdrew from the district, which is 14 students more than the transfer loss this year.Then Wellington bounced back the next year seeing a 31-student increase even with a six student senior to kindergarten attrition decrease.Clearly, there are a lot of variables here that you can pinpoint throughout the 10-year enrollment figures. One thing we found interesting was in 2010-11 to 2011-12 there was a 15-student drop between sophomore and juniors, which is four more than this year’s 11-student drop.In conclusion, there was a student population drop in Wellington, and yes one can safely say that was due to students transferring out of the district due to Summit. But the loss of students can be based on a myriad of reasons including attrition, general transferring/withdrawals out of the district, and the fact there simply aren’t as many children as there once were.Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter. +1 501 Rose Hill HS 112 2019-20 115 Kind. – 1st* 441 10th – 11th 469 6th – 7th 120 3rd – 4th 123 109 106 116 123 -4 474 465 126 106 -1 -11 +3 Atchison HS 467 Click on the graph for a larger version.By Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington school district has lost 68 students from the previous year according to enrollment figures released by the USD 353 school district. What is to blame for that population decrease is a bit more convoluted than what you may think.Wellington registered 1,475 Full-Time Equivalency students this fall. In 2018-19, Wellington had 1,543 students. That is a loss of 68 students or equivalently 5.23 students per class or 4.4 percent of the student population. The loss of students will cost the school district, based on a state reimbursement rate of $4,006 per FTE student, about $272,408. So is this an affirmative statement that Kansas Redesign and the Summit program, the controversial computer-led individual-paced curriculum that was implemented last year at the Wellington High School and Kennedy Elementary school, the result of a mass exodus of students?Well, only partially.Summit’s implementation most certainly hasn’t helped as far as the student population is concerned, but it is by far not the only factor involved in the population loss equation.Of the 68 students, who were lost, 31 of those are due to attrition between last year’s senior and this year’s kindergarten class. In May, USD 353 graduated 121 seniors. This year, Wellington has just 90 kindergarteners.This year’s kindergarten class is the smallest in USD 353 modern history and the first to dip under 100 students. So 45.5 percent of the school’s population loss was due to circumstances outside the school’s realm.That still doesn’t account for the loss of 37 students who have transferred or withdrew from the school district. One can only speculate why a student leaves, one can most certainly attribute the transfers to parents pulling their children due to their opposition to Summit.We went and looked at several factors like getting enrollment figures from area schools, historical trends, breaking down the student population class-by-class, comparisons to other similar schools Wellington’s size, and historical trends.Area schoolsSouth Haven school appears to be the main beneficiary to the Wellington curriculum controversy. The eight-man division 2 school has seen an increase of 170 to 185 students from the previous year. According to South Haven Superintendent Dorsey Burgess, the school district has 20 new students who have transferred in, 17 of those being from Wellington.Subsequently, in Belle Plaine, the school district has just three more students from the previous year — 568 to 571. However, Belle Plaine Superintendent Jim Sutton reported there are nine new students from Wellington. Add those two schools and that is 29 of the 37 lost Wellington students accounted for there.None of the other schools reported any real increase in students from Wellington.•Oxford is down 295 to 292 students.•Conway Springs is down 10 students, and Conway Springs Superintendent Corey Murphy is not reporting anyone transferring in from Wellington.•Caldwell is down five students from 245 to 240.•The Wellington Christian Academy, the private school in the community, has seen an increase of two students with an enrollment of 70 students in middle and elementary grades.Class by classWe compared the class size from this year to last year within the school system. For example, last year’s kindergarten is compared to this year’s first grade since that is the same grade. Here is what we found. 119 118 2019-20 127 121 -8 Wamego HS 9th – 10th 116 134 +/- difference 5th – 6th 1st – 2nd Total change 114 11th – 12th 121 +4 As one can see the transfer rate was most pronounced at the high school level. The biggest change was 123 students in last year’s sophomore class which is now 112 in this year’s junior class, a decrease of 11 students. There was a decrease of six students from last year’s sixth grade to this year’s seventh grade, but that number is negated by the 4 student increase from seventh to eighth grade.Comparisons So we decided to delve into this a little further by comparing Wellington to similar sized Class 4A schools. We did this using the Kansas State High Schools Activities Association classification lists that divide schools into Class 6A to 1A based on enrollment figures. This list uses the enrollment of classes from freshmen to seniors. We chose five schools over the past three years to see if Wellington’s enrollment is different than schools nearly identical its size. For comparisons, we chose two schools above Wellington in enrollment and two schools below to see if there is any trend. -6 -37 428 2018-19 -5 2018-19 2017-18 474 -5 4th – 5th 121 472 8th – 9th 105 Wellington HS 112 Abilene HS 489 460 2nd – 3rd 7th – 8th 115 490 -3 111 *Kindergarten 2018-19 to 1st 2019-20. 485 446 Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments (19) Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings Sort by: Date Rating Last Activity Loading comments… You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. +7 Vote up Vote down Kathy Gann · 40 weeks ago This is an issue for every school district. In one district, I was hired the day before school started because of unexpected last-minute enrollments (or so I was told). Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down Guest · 40 weeks ago USD 353 lost my kindergartener this year due to summit! Report Reply 2 replies · active 40 weeks ago +2 Vote up Vote down Granny · 40 weeks ago Interesting! My granddaughter struggled with Summit and tried to transfer to Caldwell but they don’t accept out of district students, I was told. She tried South Haven but didn’t feel welcomed and transferred back to Wellington. One of the frustrations she mentioned last year was being able to get help from the instructor when needed. Having been the director of an predominantly online program at a community college as well as earning an online degree, I think it opens education to students that can’t attend physical classroom schooling. It does require students and instructors to be willing to part from the traditional classroom setting and with most changes comes self discipline. Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago +12 Vote up Vote down taxpayer · 40 weeks ago All I know is I was told build it and they will come. That is all I have to go on. I heard that that three times, Build it and they will come. I’m not very smart, but I’m sure that is what I heard. Report Reply 1 reply · active 40 weeks ago +7 Vote up Vote down Another guest · 40 weeks ago Simply because kindergarten doesn’t “use” Summit, does not mean that parents aren’t placing their children in the district because of Summit. With the way Summit was placed in the school people could be concerned it could end up in any grade. Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago +7 Vote up Vote down Darren · 40 weeks ago More one on one teaching from the teachers for the students, oh wait, they don’t teach, the Summit. Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago +13 Vote up Vote down Citizen J · 40 weeks ago Falling population and families having fewer kids ? People are leaving Wellington due to affordability and other issues. Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago +10 Vote up Vote down Thirsty · 40 weeks ago some of it might also be high utility rates, low paying jobs and higher quality of life in general outside of Wellington. I know several people who have moved out of state for better jobs or to give their family the life that they wanted their family to have. Many factors probably are playing a role in the decline of enrollment. Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago -3 Vote up Vote down FakeWgtnMayor · 40 weeks ago How old are our elementary schools? If we were to rebuild them, that would attract people to Wellington. Let’s do it! It’s for the children! Report Reply 3 replies · active 40 weeks ago +2 Vote up Vote down kevin · 40 weeks ago did you factor in the increase due to Aahns place? Report Reply 0 replies · active 40 weeks ago 12Next » Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new commentslast_img read more